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Raltsshipping ( Ruby x Wally)


 Favorite Shippings

Ironwillshipping (Riley/Gen x Dawn)

Appealshipping (Nozomi/Zoey x Dawn)

Raltsshipping (Yuuki/Ruby x Mitsuru/Wally)

Colosseumshipping (Reo/Wes x Rui)

Cuteaurashippping (Korinko/Shinx x Rucario/Lucario

~I got Shinx x Lucario named -> Cuteaurashipping~

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Likes Pokemon, to draw, fangirling, to stalk, play Pokémon Diamond, trading,  shippings, Anime, Manga, do pixel art, surf in the internet, chat, reading fanfictions, Japan, blue, cuteness and pink

 to be ignored, n00bs, jerks of all sorts, Hate and meat