Muddy Marathon - April 30, 2011

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The 3rd Annual Muddy Marathon will be held on April 30, 2011.
The best time you ever had running so slow.

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2010 Results for all races
Each race has it's own tab on the spreadsheet. 
No time for a loop means the time limits of 2 Hours WAS NOT met.

The trail course is 6.55 Miles with over 1600' of elevation gain and loss which begins inside Craigmeur Recreation Complex, running through wooded paths, old ski trails and open fields.  You will run through mud bogs, swamps, up streams, down streams, over logs, under downed trees, up rock walls, down slippery slopes and then finally back to the old ski hills in a return route to Craigmeur.  The course will be marked with flour, survey flags and live volunteers.  2 water / aid points, one approximately at 1.8 miles and the second at approximately 5 miles.  There is also food and aid at the start finish area.

There is a cut off of 2 hours per loop
You can NOT bank time from loop to loop

This is NOT a trail race for beginning trail runners.  This can barely be considered a trail race.  It is an adventure.  This is an experience of fun and to try something new.  You will not actually do much "running" but a lot of hiking.  The "trail" will run through water, mud, over rocks, possibly over downed trees, on blazed trails and also areas where there is no trail.  The course will be well marked, but it will not be easy.  Runners will need to be aware of their surroundings and stay on course.  Walkers WILL NOT finish the course in under 2 hours / loop.  Most "runners" will not finish in under two hours per loop.  Please do not enter if the idea of a DNF frightens you.  If you enter the marathon you have a 90.5% chance of getting a DNF (based on 2010 results).

Blog from first timer last year (very funny)

Even with all of my bitching, it WAS totally fun. ;-)
Looking forward to the next NJ Trail Series race.

The Muddy Marathon starts at 7:00AM.  Four loops of the delightfully scenic course.  More marathon info--please read FAQs.  The cut off of two hours is per loop, not a total of 8 hours for the entire marathon.  Please do not enter if the idea of a DNF scares you, or you plan to yell at me if you miss the 2 hour limit by 1 minute and I pull you from the course.  Not every one is a winner.  Some people do fail at things they try to do.  If you succeed, the victory will be that much sweeter.

The Marathon Relay starts at 10:00 AM.  This allows people to form 2 or 4 person teams to complete the marathon distance.  All relay runners will leave at the same time and your times will be totaled at the end for best team time.   Grab some buddies, coworkers or friends from the gym and come out for a fun day and laugh at each other.  The beer at the end tastes just as fresh if you come in first or last.

The Half-Marathon starts at 10:00 AM. Two loops of the delightfully scenic course.  You will not be allowed to continue onto the second lap if you do not complete the first lap in 2 hours.
The Quarter - Marathon starts at 1:00 PM.  One loop of 6.55 miles.  The clock stop at 2 hours.  Anyone crossing the line after 2 hours will receive a DNF.

NEW FOR 2011
Fun Run - starts at 1:05 PM.  One loop of 6.55 miles.  Same loop, same event, just no clock, no DNF.  This version is for all runners that fear the dreaded DNF.  No one doing this event will DNF nor will they be officially timed.

    This fun run is perfect for someone new to trail running or just wants to have a great time in the mud before celebrating at the BBQ and enjoying some FREE beer.

Day of Registration begins at 7:00am

All races start and finish at the pavilion at the Craigmeur Recreation Complex.  The loop is not certified, but we measured it and it is at least the distance we advertise.

This event happens rain or shine --be prepared for anything!

The park has toilets, covered pavilion, picnic tables, kids' playground, plenty of parking.... 

Showers and places to rinse off also available.  Bring your own towels.

Bring lawn chairs or blankets to relax after you're done running!

 NO PETS!! Park Policy


Sneaker Factory

ARQ RC reserves the right to cancel the event.  If Morris County Parks Commission should close Craigmeur on the day in question due to tornadoes, torrential flooding or any other unforeseen natural act may also be cause for cancellation.
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