Mountain Madness - Oct 16, 2010

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The Mountain Madness 50K

RRCA Eastern Regional Ultra Championship

PLUS the friendlier 7.77M fun run

NEW for 2010 - 25K option

Shepherd Lake Recreation Area, Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, NJ 07456

You can plug in Morris Ave Ringwood NJ into mapping software.  That will get you into the park.  Follow Morris to the 2 Eagle Statues and turn left on Shepherd Pond Road.  Follow Shepherd Pond Rd to the end and park  Start is next to Shepherd Pond.

October 16, 2010 9:00am Start - 50K

10:30am Start - 25K and 7.77M



The 50K course begins inside Shepherd Lake Recreation Area Parking lot.  It immediately leaves the pavement running through wooded paths, single track and old jeep trails following the Mountain Bike course for the first 7.5 miles.  There are small portions of pavement during the run but for no more than a half mile when connecting trails.  The  7.77 Mile course do a lap around the parking lot then will follow along the same Mountain Bike Loop.  The course will be marked along blazed trail ways using survey tape to direct you on the correct path.  Water/aid points on course.  More details below on Aid.

This course will be challenging but not impossible.  The entire course will be well marked on currently blazed paths through out Ringwood State Park.  All photos on this site and Facebook are taken from the course.  There are rocks on almost every part of the entire course.  Some parts are big rocks while some parts are almost crushed gravel.  There are parts that are soft dirt or paved roads.  There is approximately 7000' of elevation change up and down over the entire 50km.  The course is not easy but on single track paths that are constantly changing elevation up and down.  Walkers WILL NOT finish the 50K course in under the time limit of 8 hours.  Walkers are welcome to compete in the friendlier 7.77M fun run or new for 2010 the 25 km course.

Suggestion:  Buy the 2009 NYNJTC Map set that covers the course HERE  Every trail and Aid Station will be on that map.

The park has toilets, covered pavilion, picnic tables, and kids’ playground, plenty of parking.... Bring lawn chairs or blankets to relax after you're done running! This event happens rain or shine --be prepared for anything!

Registration includes parking pass, finishers prize and food for survivors. 

Registration table opens at 8:00am   Fees:  50K - $75     25K - $65        7.77Mile - $40 (all fees increased $10 on 9/18/2010)


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Please add $2 to cover fees.

Any questions please email Rick or Jennifer at


Here are a couple of signs seen at one of the Aid Stations.  I just wanted you to be aware of what is possible.  I have not seen bears or snakes during my time in the woods.  Ticks are more common when you get off trail.  The entire course is on marked trails.

Aid Stations and approximate mileage to each.  The number is total from the beginning for the 50KM.
          AS# 1 - This aid station was lost in the reroute in 2010 - Please plan accordingly

8.25      AS# 2
14.75    AS# 3  - anyone reaching here after 12:30 will be warned of cut off time.
17.50    AS# 4 -
bag access  - anyone reaching here after 1:30 will be pulled from course.  (NO BAG WILL BE RETURNED)
21.25.   AS# 5
25.25    AS# 6 -
28.25    AS# 7
31.2      to parking lot.

Drop bags will be accessible at AS 4/6.  It is the same AS.  One bag per person. 

No bag will be returned so plan accordingly.  Do not pack anything that can not be thrown away. 

Spreadsheet for you to figure out your own estimated times

Awards: M&F overall winners plus 1st places in 10-year age-groups.
RRCA Awards for Top 3 Male and Female for Eastern Regional 50 km Championship.
Finishers medals for first 100 50K finishers.

All races start and finish at the parking area at the Shepherd Lake Recreation Area

The map below is now correct to these descriptions:
You need to leave Shepherd Pond and run along the water on the carriage path following the entire Mountain Bike Race course (all blazed with markers) then as you come back towards Shepherds Pond turn left up towards the Shooting Range.  As you pass the shooting range you stay straight and slightly left.  You will be able to hear the gun shots on your left for several minutes.  You are running on a fire road.  Take your next fire road on your right towards Parking Lot A.  You then take a single track path on your left passing through some landscaping statues and you follow that path out to a carriage path which will take you to a few hundreds yard before AS2.  The course then follows exactly as it did last year.

The 7.77 Mile course is the first portion of the 50K course, also known as the entire Mountain Bike Course (seen as BLUE on the map). 

The 25K loop is the center loop.  You will run from the Start area directly to AS2 and then the center loop.  When you leave AS4/6 you will go straight to the finish (skipping AS5).  

 All race distances are close to the distance advertised but not exact.
Course Map

Race Rules:

Race Officials have the right to remove any runner from the course deemed necessary for their safety and the safety of all others.  If you have not reached certain Aid Stations by appropriate times you will be asked to leave the course.

All participants/attendees/pacers/crews must adhere to the following rules:

– Numbers must be visible on the outside and front of runners’ clothing.
– Any runner dropping out of the race must notify a volunteer at a manned Aid Station. The athlete will be responsible for paying a large bill if a Search and Rescue team is sent out on their behalf and they are not on the race course.
– All Runners: It is your responsibility to check in and out at each Aid Station.
– Absolutely no littering. If you or your pacer abandons anything (e.g., drink cups, gel packets, banana peels, clothes, etc.) on the race course, you will be disqualified. Bury human waste at least six inches deep, 200 feet from water sources and 50 feet from any trail.
– Only attempt to pass another runner when it is safe for both you and the other runner to do so.
– When passing another runner, make every attempt to pass on their left, unless it is unsafe. Announce your intention to pass by saying, “passing on your left” (or right, if it is unsafe to pass on their left).
– Provided it is safe to do so, you must yield to any runner who announces his/her intention to pass, by stepping off the trail.
– Be prepared to share the trail with runners coming from the opposite direction.
– Be prepared to share some of the trails with bikes coming from either direction.
– Violating any of these rules will result in runner disqualification.
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