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These vehicles, part of the Hot Wheels Racing line, were based on actual NASCAR Winston Cup Series cars from the 1997 and 1998 seasons.  They were widely available for several years but only in the USA.  English is the only language on the packaging and they were released in two sizes of boxes as well as blister cards.

NASCAR X-V Racers were sold individually as well as with two track sets, the smaller Daytona 500 and the larger NASCAR Superspeedway track.  The Superspeedway set was identical to the F1 Grand Prix set except for cars, decals, instructions and box graphics.  The NASCAR track sets were widely released, with many sets (new and used) still available on the secondary market more than 15 years after production stopped.  NASCAR X-V Racers track sets always came with a #44 Hot Wheels car and one other car (varied), explaining why almost half the loose NASCAR cars on the market are #44.

There are 12 different cars/drivers represented in the NASCAR series, with known tampo variations on the #5 Kellogg's, #6 Valvoline, #44 Hot Wheels and #94 MacDonald's cars.

The vehicle chassis is the same one as most Regular X-V Racers, and is interchangeable with them once you manage to get the screws out.  Likewise, there is no difference in style between NASCAR and regular X-V chargers.  As with the F1 racers, all chargers sold with the individual NASCAR vehicles were black.

The NASCAR bodies came in four different styles.  Descriptions can be found here.  I have arbitrarily named them Type A, B, C and D, and they correspond to the different manufacturers.  Type A is the Chevrolet Monte Carlo,  Type B is the Ford Thunderbird, Type C the Ford Taurus and Type D the Pontiac Grand Prix.  The different body styles are interchangeable on the universal NASCAR chassis.  Interestingly, Mattel actually changed the X-V Racer body casting of the Fords to reflect the change from Thunderbird to Taurus between the 1997 and 1998 Winston Cup Series seasons.  It probably would have been easier just to change the tampo name.

 #4 Kodak - Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Sterling Marlin

Morgan-McClure Motorsports

1996 - 17432

#5 Kellogg's - Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Terry Labonte

Hendrick Motorsports

1996 - 17434

With Starburst logo


Without Starburst logo



Larger box - without Starburst logo


#6 Valvoline - Ford Thunderbird

Mark Martin

Roush Racing

1996 - 17435


#6 Valvoline - Ford Taurus

Mark Martin

Roush Racing

1998 - 17435


Side by side - TBird and Taurus

#10 Tide - Ford Thunderbird

Ricky Rudd

Rudd Performance Motorsports

1996 - 17438


#10 Tide - Ford Taurus

Ricky Rudd

Rudd Performance Motorsports

1998 - 17438


Side by side - TBird and Taurus


#28 Texaco/Havoline - Ford Thunderbird

Ernie Irvan

Robert Yates Racing

1996 - 17431


#43 STP - Pontiac Grand Prix

Bobby Hamilton

Petty Enterprises

1996 - 17433


Side by side - Tampo variation


#44 Hot Wheels - Pontiac Grand Prix - "Orange Track" tampo

Kyle Petty

PE2 Motorsports

1996 - 17436


#44 Hot Wheels - Pontiac Grand Prix - "Yellow Track" tampo

Kyle Petty

PE2 Motorsports

1997 - 17436 


Side by side - Tampo Variation - Orange Track (1996) and Yellow Track (1997)

#44 Hot Wheels - Pontiac Grand Prix - Blues Bros. 2000 paint scheme

Kyle Petty

PE2 Motorsports

1997 - 20888


#44 Hot Wheels - Pontiac Grand Prix - Players Inc. paint scheme

Kyle Petty

PE2 Motorsports

1997 - 20889


#94 MacDonald's - Ford Thunderbird

Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott Racing

1996 - 17437


#94 MacDonald's - Ford Taurus

Bill Elliott

Elliott-Marino Racing

1998 - 17437


Side by side - TBird and Taurus

#96 Caterpillar - Chevrolet Monte Carlo

David Green

American Equipment Racing

1996 - 18592


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