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 What is RoboCup ?

Football (or soccer) was the original motivation for RoboCup. Besides being a very popular sport worldwide, soccer brings a significant set of challenges for researchers while attracting people to the event. These challenges include:

  • collective game, for which more than one agent/robot is required to play
  • individualistic (each agent/robot must identify relevant objects, self-localize, dribble) and cooperative (passes, complementary roles) elements
  • dynamic and adversarial environment, with moving objects, some of them rational agents that are playing a game against your team

Official Answer. 

 Simulation League

Two teams of 11 eleven virtual agents each play with each other, based on a computer simulator that provides a realistic simulation of soccer robot sensors and actions.

Each agent is a separate process that sends the simulation server communication and motion commands regarding the player it represents, and receives back information about its state, including the (noisy and partial) sensor observations of the surrounding environment.

Please visit the RoboCup simulation league page for more information.

   SEU-3D:Southeast University Simulation 3D Team  


SEU-3D is a RoboCup Simulation 3D Team of Southeast University, Nanjing, China. The project was started by two students for their BS theses in 2005. After that many students join us, and now we have successfully attended several competitions. 

  • Team Coordinator:     Yingqiu XU 
  • Research Coordinator: Yingzi TAN <>
  • Current Member: Yuan XU , Wei WANG, Hong JIANG and Si Chen 
  • Former Member:  Chunlu JIANG , Qiang WANG and Chang'e SHI

We are gladly to communicate with other teams or researchers.If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us. It will be great pleasure for us to answer your questions. 


1st -- 2008.06 RoboCup 2008 in Suzhou, China[more]

1st -- 2008.05 JiangsuRobotCompetition, in Xuzhou, China

1st -- 2008.04 Iran Open 2008 in Azad University, Iran

1st -- 2007.10 ChinaOpen2007 in Jinan, China[more

3rd -- 2007.07 RoboCup2007 in Atlanta, USA[more

1st -- 2007.04 Iran Open 07 in Azad University,Iran[more]

1st -- 2006.12 JiangsuRobotCompetition, Nanjing, China[more]

2nd -- 2006.10  ChinaOpen2006 in Suzhou, China[more]

6th -- 2006.06 RoboCup2006 in Bremen, Germany[more]

2nd -- 2006.04 RoboLudens in Eindhoven, Netherlands[more]

Top8 -- 2006.04 IranOpen in Islamic Azad University, Iran[more]

4th -- 2005.11  AI-Games in University of Isfahan, Iran[more]

7th -- 2005.08 China RoboCup in Changzhou, China[more]


We developed some useful tools while developing our agents. They will be placed here.


By the year 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team.


PerfCtr Timer

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