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 Welcome to my homepage, hope you can find some useful and/or interesting things!

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  • [2008.10.17] update the personal information
  • [2007.10.19] create page of Chian Open 2007 
  • [2007.07.20] create page of SEU RoboCup 2007 
  • [2006.11.14] publish SEU-3D binaries in RoboCup2006 and China Open 2006. 
  • [2006.10.28] update all competitions of SEU-3D.
  • [2006.10.27] I just update the whole web, enjoy it!

You have to go all out, because so many things may be only once in one's life, life only young once,the reason young people can never, and will never understand, the elderly regret, therefore, if you get to understand that you win.

-- Wenxi Da