About Me

I am a software engineer at Camera Dev Infra team in Facebook since 2017. I am working on improving the AR camera for various products including Facebook app, Messenger and Instagram. 

My interest sketches across different topics and areas, including game programming, computer vision, web retrieval and multimedia analysis. The core purpose of my work is to utilize multimedia to improve the daily life of people, which is also what I am continuously exploring now.

I got my second master degree in Computer Science in University of Maryland. Before I transfer to UMD, I studied in Stony Brook University as a PhD candidate for one year (from 2014 to 2015). I was a Research Assistant in Vision Graphics & Computational Design Group, Singapore University Of Technology and Design(SUTD) from 2013 to 2014. I graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT) with my B.E. and M.E in Computer Science in 2011 and 2013 respectively, where I worked in the Visual Intelligence Lab(VILab). I experienced a wonderful internship in the Web Search & Mining Group of Microsoft Research Asia(MSRA) in 2013.

In my spare time, I would always like to explore novelties. I learned drama as a full-time student when I was a teenager, which inspired me to built the very first drama club in HIT. I like singing and I gathered friends to establish an A cappella choir. I love dancing, and my waltz won third award in the dance-sport competition of HIT. I also enjoy playing Ukelele, travelling and playing Ukelele while travelling.

Zheng Xu, my husband.