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Xuehui Han (韩雪辉) is a Senior Economist in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). She was with ADB before joining AIIB as an Economist. Before ADB, she was on the faculty of Fudan University's School of Management in the People's Republic of China before joining the ADB. She holds a Ph.D in economics from University of Oslo and a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Fudan University in China. She has considerable research expertise in international macroeconomics, finance, economic growth, and real estate economics, with extensive experience in econometric modelling (machine-learning methods such as regression tree approach, Stochastic forecasting in time series, GMM in panel data, and random utility theory in discrete choice, such as generalized logit model).

Curriculum Vitae

Xuehui Han CV May 2019.pdf

Visiting positions

  • International Faculty Fellow, MIT Sloan, Aug. – Dec. 2009
  • Visiting Doctoral Student, Copenhagen Business School, Sep. 2004
  • Visiting Student Researcher, University of California at Berkeley, Sep. 2003 – May 2004

Journal Articles

International Transmissions of Monetary Shocks: Between a Trilemma and a Dilemma (with Shang-Jin Wei), Journal of International Economics 110: 205-219, 2018. Datasets and program codes in R

Deriving Macroeconomic Benefits from Public-Private Partnerships in Developing Asia (with Minsoo Lee, Raymond Gaspar, and Emmanuel Alano), Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development 3: 1-21, 2019.

Revisiting the FDI impact on GDP growth in errors-in-variables models: a panel data GMM analysis allowing for error memory (with Erik Biorn), Empirical Economics 53: 1379–1398, 2017.

Re-examining the Middle-Income Trap Hypothesis (MITH):What to Reject and What to Revive? (with Shang-Jin Wei), Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 73, Part A, pages 41-61, 2017.

Policy Choices and Resilience to International Monetary Shocks, (with Shang-Jin Wei), Global Economic Review, Volume: 43, Issue: 04, pages 319 – 337, 2014.

The Evolution of the Housing Market and Its Socio-economic Impacts in Post-Reform People’s Republic of China: A Survey of the Literature (with Jie Chen), Journal of Economic Surveys, 28:652-670, 2014.

Real Estate Market Policy and Household Demand for Housing (with John K. Dagsvik and Yuan Cheng), Pacific Economic Review, Volume 19, Issue 2, Page 237-253, 2014.

Does large volatility help?—stochastic population forecasting technology in explaining real estate price process (with Yuan Cheng), Journal of Population Economics, Volume 26, Issue 1, Page 323-356, 2013.

Marriage Pattern in the City of Shanghai: Behavioral Two-Sex Marriage Model and Multistage Marriage Life Table Approach (with Yuan Cheng and John K. Dagsvik), Chinese Sociology and Anthropology, Volume 43, Issue 4, 2011.

Housing Demand in Shanghai: a Discrete Choice Approach, China Economic Review, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2010

Working Papers

"Consumption- and Productivity-Adjusted Dependency Ratio with Household Structure Heterogeneity", ADB Economics Working Paper Series No. 531, 2017 (with Yuan Cheng)

"Do Governance Indicators Explain Development Performance? A Cross-Country Analysis," ADB Economics Working Paper Series 417, Asian Development Bank. 2014 (with Khan, Haider and Juzhong Zhuang)

"Panel Data Dynamics and Measurement Errors: GMM Bias, IV Validity and Model Fit – A Monte Carlo Study," Memorandum 27/2012, Oslo University, Department of Economics. (with Erik Biorn) presented on 19th International Panel Data Conference 2013.

Are the “Best” Companies Good? Signaling Earnings Management from the Predictability of Cash Flow


    • Advanced in R and Proficient in Gauss
    • CFA level I exams passed
    • Certificate of the course on IMF Financial Programming
    • Certificate of the training program on Art & Craft of Discussion Leadership at Business School in Harvard

Workshop Photos

ASSA 2019/2018 Annual Conference in Atalanta/Philadelphia

NIPFP Workshop in India, Dec 2015

ADB-HKU Workshop on FDI, June 2016

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In Progress

Labor Supply, Gender, and Household Wealth (with Yuan Cheng and John K. Dagsvik)

Real Estate Asset Bubbles and Monetary Policy: The Channel between Central Bank’s Balance Sheet and Firms’ Balance Sheets (with Yuan Cheng and Ma. Christina Epetia) presented in ASSA 2019 annual conference in Atlanta

Rate the Unrated Economies - Machine Learning the Rating Agencies

Decipher the Nexus of Economic Benefit and Debt associated with Infrastructures Investment through the Lens of Nighttime Lights

Accommodating Behavior Stableness-A Modification of Generalized Multinomial Logit Modeling (with John K. Dagsvik and Yuan Cheng)

Characterization and Estimation of Stochastic Choice Models for Matching Behavior (With John K. Dagsvik and Yuan Cheng)

Model-Based Urban Unemployment Rate in China (with Yuan Cheng and John K. Dagsvik)

Current Job Responsibilities

Contributing to AIIB's flagship publication: Asian Infrastructure Finance; Monitoring macroeconomics situations in member economies ; Serve as Sovereign Rating Panel member; Developing and applying econometric framework to analyze economic issues, such as infrastructure related growth, debt sustainability, air transport, etc.; Providing technical assistance to member economies in capacity building.

Book Chapters

Do Governance Indicators Explain Development Performance? A Cross-Country Analysis," (with Khan, Haider and Juzhong Zhuang) In: A. B. Deolalikar, S. Jha, and P.F. Quising (Eds). Governance in Developing Asia: Public Service Delivery and Empowerment, Edward Elgar, 2015

The Evolution of the Housing Market and Its Socio-economic Impacts in Post-Reform People’s Republic of China: A Survey of the Literature (with Jie Chen) In: I. Claus and L. Oxley (Eds). China's Economy: A Collection of Surveys, Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

The Impact of Air Pollution on Mortality in Shanghai (with Z. Zhao, X. Peng, Y. Cheng, F. Zhou, G. Song.) In: L. Song, R. Garnaut and W. Woo (Eds). China’s dilemma: Economic Growth, the Environment, and Climate Change, Brookings Institution Press, 2008.

Reviews of the Population Situation in East Asia (with X. Peng) In: C. Fu, J. Freney and J. Steward (Eds). Changes in the Human-Monsoon System of East Asia in the Context of Global Change, SCOPE Series, Island Press, Washington DC, 2008.