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An Empirical Study on Performance Bugs for Highly Configurable Software Systems
Xue Han, Tingting Yu
ESEM 2016

Modern computer systems are highly-configurable, complicating the testing and debugging process. The sheer size of the configuration space makes the quality of software even harder to achieve. Performance is one of the key aspects of non-functional qualities, where performance bugs can cause significant performance degradation and lead to poor user experience. However, performance bugs are difficult to expose, primarily because detecting them requires specific inputs, as well as a specific execution environment (e.g., configurations). While researchers have developed techniques to analyze, quantify, detect, and fix performance bugs, we conjecture that many of these techniques may not be effective in highly-configurable systems.

Supplemental Data
Performance Bugs
Types Apache MySQL Firefox TotalBugs
Parameter 50 32 11 93
System 9 7 1 17
Hidden 1 2 0 3

This work was supported in part by NSF grant CCF-1464032.
A full set of data is coming soon.
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