Research Interests
Empirical asset pricing, mutual funds, real estate finance

A supply approach to valuation (with Frederico Belo and Lu Zhang), 2013, Review of Financial Studies
26 (12), 3029-3067. Internet appendix

The cross section of expected real estate returns: Insights from investment-based asset pricing (with Shaun Bond), 2017, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 54 (3), 403-428.

Working Papers
Replicating anomalies (with Kewei Hou and Lu Zhang), 2017. Finalist, the 2017 Chicago Quantitative Alliance Annual Academic Competition | Presented at the 2017 UBC Summer Finance Conference WSJ: An Algorithm, an ETF and an Academic Study Bloomberg: A Huge Shot at Hottest Investments

A comparison of new factor models (with Kewei Hou and Lu Zhang), 2017. Second Prize, the 2015 Chicago Quantitative Alliance Annual Academic Competition | Presented at the 2015 ASU Sonoran Winter Finance Conference, the 2015 FSU SunTrust Beach Conference, the 2015 Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research Conference at Wharton, the 7th McGill Global Asset Management Conference, the 2015 Financial Intermediation Research Society Conference, the 2015 Society for Financial Studies Finance Cavalcade, the 2015 UBC Summer Finance Conference, the 27th Annual Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting | Battle of new factor models

An investment-based investigation of mutual fund performance, 2014.

Intangible assets and cross-sectional stock returns (with Erica X.N. Li and Laura X.L. Liu), 2014.

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