This program is developed to generate the input (SEP and ANNP) for the LANDIS-II Biomass Extension based on the PnET-II VB5.1

Software programming and design:

Chonggang Xu

 For LANDISII V6.0 (Last Updated April 08, 2012)

Program + Example V2 

Install & Update Notes

For LANDISII V5.0 (Last Updated Feb 13, 2011)

Program + Example V1 

Install & Update Notes

User's Guide

(Written by: Weimin Xi and Chonggang Xu)
(For LANDISII V5.0; but mostly applicable to V6.0, except for the LANDISII biomass file format)

Please cite the following paper if you use this program:

Xu, C., G. Z. Gertner, and R. M. Scheller. 2009. Uncertainty in the response of a forest landscape to global climatic change. Global Change Biology15, 116–13.

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Lasted updated March , 2012.