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58)Why My Faith in Allah is Blind (Wednesday, January 17)

57)A Chance To ... (Friday, January 05)

56)Like A Dream Come True (Thursday, January 04)



55)Strangers Once More (Thursday, December 28)

55)The Agreement (Wednesday, December 06)


54)A Guy Like Me (Sunday, November 19)

53)My Moon (Wednesday, November 08)


52)Why Did It Not Stop? (Sunday, October 29)

51)It Went Down (Sunday, October 29)


50)Blogging: The Voice to be Heard (Monday, September 25)

49)Modus Operandi of Love Marriages (Thursday, September 07)

48)Coffee, Flowers and Irony (Tuesday, September 05)

47)Once Again (Tuesday, September 05)


46)The King and The Kingmaker (Tuesday, August 15) 

45)The World is so Beautiful Tonight (Wednesday, August 02)


44)Fire (Thursday, July 27)

43)Thank You Mr. Zidane (Friday, July 14)

42)Dreams (Friday, July 07) 

41)Compromise Razed (Wednesday, July 05)



40)Television and Me (Wednesday, June 28)

39)Today (Saturday, June 24)

38)Selfishness: A Virtue and a Concrete Principle (Friday, June 23)

37)Geometry of Abstractions (Friday, June 16)

36)I Despise My Hardness, Strength and Power (Saturday, June 10)

35)A Kind of Unappreciated People (Wednesday, June 07) 


34)Humilis and Purpa (Sunday, May 28)

33)A Lesson from a Thief (Tuesday, May 23)

32)Broken Heart (Tuesday, May 23)

31)Birds (Tuesday, May 23)

30)"I don't want to name this" (Thursday, May 18) 

29)Reality is Larger than Life (Monday, May 15)

28)The Right to Free Will (Thursday, May 11)

27)A Smile on My Past (Tuesday, May 02)


26)My Perception of My Own Life (Saturday, April 29)

25)It Was Just a Mosquito (Friday, April 21)

24)A Cute Little Doll (Friday, April 21)

23)Perfection and Self-Transformation: How Does it Work? (Friday, April 07)

22)Time Takes a Lot of Time (Thursday, April 06)


21)My Conditional Love (Friday, March 31)

20)Eccentric Translations (Thursday, March 30)

19)Mr. Bush's Business Trip to India (Monday, March 06)

18)A Boat Sank in Love (Friday, March 03)

17)My Humble Prayer to My God (Friday, March 03)


16)I Am Bad !!! (Wednesday, February 15)

15)At the Sub - Conscious Level (Monday, February 13)

14)Love is Poetry (Wednesday, February 08)


13)My Nights of Death (Saturday, January 07)

12)So You Are Safe, Hmmm? (Sunday, January 01)



11)Who Will Stop Me? (Thursday, December 29)

10)The Green (Thursday, December 22)

9)My Romance with Deception (Monday, December 19)

8)Integrity Opens the Door (Tuesday, December 13)

7)Why did I write this??? (Tuesday, December 27)

6)I Survive (Wednesday, December 07)

5)Who Am I? (Tuesday, December 06)


4)I am NOT Mentally Vulnerable - A Realisation Redifined (Sunday, November 27)

3)A Story - Distract and Cheat (Sunday, November 20)

2)Why I hate Harry Potter

1)Dare to see failure? (Wednesday, November 16)