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Excerpts from Flowing Emotions 


"On July 13th, that happened to be a Tuesday, I ran into a train of abstractions that lasted for almost 12 hours. It was not exactly a train – it was a line of marbles rolling, sticking together, but creating no friction and no voice, just newer marbles, more and more, until they joined with a colloquial premise, finally – painfully, to make it complete. A unique geometry of innumerable abstractions was created and even the unseen gaps between successive marbles had abstractions in them. There were no concretes."


"Altruism (or selflessness), being incomplete as a virtue, creates more contempt and dissatisfaction. When a person attempts to be selfless, he starts with destroying his self." 

“All humans are equal” and this is a myth." 

"Every claim a man stakes on himself is a simple approval of his inherent instincts that may or may not be good for him in a real honest sense, but what he chooses on self-grown and self-sustained reasoning is coherent and gives the definition of his character which again is implicitly self-opted."


"I chose to be conscious. I decided to be conscious of what was happening around me and within me. I understood that some things are to be destroyed before they destroy us. I understood that I can be an end in myself. I understood that anyone not being conscious has decided to be irrational and has stopped behaving like a human being. I understood that he has decided to destroy himself."

"Yes I am selfish. By definition this means that I am more concerned with the things of my own interest. My selfishness can be stated as good or bad only on the basis of the goodness or badness of these things of my interest."


"The foremost belief I substantiate is that love is an open word used to describe many abstractions and because of it’s openness it has been misinterpreted in various ways."


“It is definitely only for a man of mental strength to convert logical and objectivistic theory into practice, and the one who does it, even a bit of it correctly, is perfect and has attained discipline and control in his life. If he has succeeded in getting along all this in combination with his religious fundamentals, then he is truly a man of marvel – a heroic being.”


"The more pure a feeling gets the more unrequited and unbelievable it becomes. It is often ridiculed too. There is no room for purity beyond a particular limit. And I call this limit as life. You understand this sort of limpidness, and you understand life. But I do pray for you that you never have a tryst with this wholesomeness. It takes away "life" from you."


"We don’t get satisfaction in life as long as we limit our potential and encapsulate ourselves. We need to go beyond what we have seen, and more beyond what we thought we could do."


"I know I am wrong. I am simply finding ways to justify my inability to work for it and win it; I am putting my procrastinating nature in a much decorated envelope and presenting it to myself; I am rationalizing my weaknesses and timid qualities; I am validating my mediocre human nature to settle for the less. In a nut shell I am cheating my own good self."


"But have I done anything great by living all these days? Is it a big thing to survive for 19 years? Are these 19 long years long enough to make me feel that I have experienced life? Have I learnt how to live up to my life? Have I learnt to survive?

I guess I did! I am alive."

"I have a face – an identity. I have a name – a pedigree. I have a house – a home. I have dreams – a reason to toil. I have people – I love. I have a world – I belong to. I have “haves”. A “nobody” never has this. I am not nobody."