Software used


    I have used it since elementary school, and I remembered I search the Youtube because I want to look at the teaching step of making rose for my dear mother. This is my first software to use youtube.  But now I can not search the websites againg, maybe it was be deleated by editor.This is the link of youtube:




    The youtube which you can search lots of  information on it , and it provides lots of informaton what you think about. You  just type some key words, then the video will show up lots of videos about what you want to search for.  You can join the member of goolge, therefore find Youtube software which  follow the trail of you often search. So, it is very convenient, and you can not lose any chance of the new information.

    It has lots of type like seaeching the news, music lyrics or MV, sports, movies or movies' notice, DIY and so on. Because youtube is be used by global, it contains many information. You can set what you want to search for, then you can repeat it in many times. Youtube also has the download fucnction.




    Some inlegal videos will publish on it, therefore be careful let children see the video. So the uses of Youtube can not be limited. It is hard to upload the video on Youtube, and it has lots of region limitation. Because nowadays people pay much attention on copyright, and some places have limit the video to effect their thought. Therefore, I heared some places can not use youtube.  I feel the interface needs to modify a little bit, and make it clearly more, just like the hot video which needs to be classify. If it does, it can be more clearly for users.


Technical issues for teachers and students

     Teacher can publish the teaching video on the Internet, and share the end of teaching for many people,not for typical person but for global. Students can see the video many times and download it for learning. Students also can give the comment for the teaching video, then teacher can view the good or bad. So teacher can modify his or her teaching ways. 


Possible uses

  • Upload the video 
  • Download the video  
  • Searching the video which you want to
  • follow the new trace
  • Compose
  • Sharing the video