Tech Page

    Here is where we will be putting links to some technical information that we believe everyone should read.   Please try to read and understand anything that we have put here because as everyone knows, "knowledge is power"!  If you have some additional information that you would like add to this page, then send your item to us through the "Comments or Concerns" page and it will be reviewed and considered for posting on this page.
        -This is a long but great read to help everyone understand what oil does
          in your engine and how to choose the correct viscosity for your
Motor Oil 101

    Hydraulic Clutch:
        -This is a description with pictures of how hydraulic clutches operate on
         manual transmission vehicle.
Clutch Release Mechanism Explained

    Spark Plugs:
        -This is information from one of the top spark plug manufacturers in the 
         world.   It describes everything that you need to know about spark plugs.
Spark Plug Overview

        -Also after reading the above please see the following chart.
Materials Chart

        -EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS.  Since one of our first mods on most of 
         our vehicles includes exhaust everyone should understand how exhaust
         works and why to do certain things and why not to do certain things. 
Exhaust Theory

        -This is just some good info on what those numbers on the side of your
         tires mean.  Please click some of the other links on the page as well
         to learn more about tires.
A Guide To Tire Sizes 

        -Here is some great info on brakes in general and the different types
         and components of brakes.
A Short Course on Brakes

        -This is something important that everyone should know and understand.
         It is a post made by a very knowledgeable user on about 
         cross-drilled rotors
Cross-Drilled Rotors Myth

        -Here is an article written by a user on about how the ECU
          works and some tuning basics.  Please try to read and understand this before
          you go thinking that you know how to tune a vehicle.
       ECU & Tuning Basics
        -Alright here is a great article on detonation vs. pre-ignition.  If you don't 
         know what either of those are then you may not understand what this is 
         about but feel free to read it anyway as you will probably be able to
         figure it out if you know a little about how engines work.  For those of
         you that think you know what detonation and pre-ignition are then please
         read this to help you better understand exactly what it is.  Long read, but
         well worth it.
       Detonation vs. Pre-Ignition