Membership Requirements

    First and foremost to become a member you need to live in or near Las Cruces N.M.  We are a new team and there is no sense in attempting to spread an unknown team to other cities/states.   So, if you are in the area then continue reading.  If not, please feel free to browse the website.

    Only a couple of things are needed to become a member of Xtreme Import Performance.
  1. You must have a car that is an Import.   For a list of what is considered an import for our team, click here.
  2. You must have already or plan to modify your vehicle.   This does not just have to be performance mods but can also be visuals mods or sound system mods.  As long as you are modifying your vehicle in some way.
  3. You will only be added to our "Team Members" page after you purchase and install a windshield banner from us.   For more windshield banner info click here.
  4. Lastly, to encourage participation we require that each team member makes an appearance on our weekly Friday night meetings at least twice per month. If this requirement is not met you will be asked to remove your sticker. If we find that the sticker has not been removed after instructed to do so, the sticker will be removed for you.
  That's it!   If you have any questions about our rules then please see the "Comments or Concerns" page.