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whitepaper: Brute force


Here go my creations:

  • The windows 9x password cracker.

  • The Linux DES password cracker.(In which, my friend Madhu helped in developing the algorithm. Oh, I was so silly to haven't thought of that algorithm. The algorithm's easy but logical. Note that this will compile only in a *nix platform and I'll very soon, publish another version, along with the algorithm of DES, so that it can be run under windows as well)

  • The rotating cube. (Made with the help of BGI, this will compile in Turbo or Borland C compiler)

  • A random screen saver (Made with bgi graphics, this program will print random structures on the screen, depending upon the given arguments. Though silly, I hope this will help beginners!
  • A brute force string generator (Which I finally succeeded to design. Well, it wasn't that tough after all! :-))

Please mail me at to report any bugs you find in my programs.


Name: Xtreme