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Welcome to the Home of the Xtreme halo server And the official Candaian Land Forces Command!

You are at the official Website of our server and clan. On our server, we play exciting games on many different maps on Halo 1 and now Halo 2 PC. We like to be original and play different game types like oddball skull and juggernaugt. We focus on individual play and team when possible.



We have now luanched our clan, and we NEED members




Like halo 3?

         Visit youtube and come to the


Where we broadcast several videos of halo such as:

  • Trailors
  • Action Vids
  • And story monolagues
  • Much more as well!

 New! We now have a comment box where you can add comments, ask questions, or TELL US ABOUT YOUR BANS. We will read what you say and either reply in the box ourselves, or email you if you choose to have your email address show when you place your comment. Just go to the "comments/bans section." 


Do YOU want to REGUEST a MAP for us to play when you are on our server???

IF SO...Email us at: xtremehaloserver@gmail.com and you have 100 % chance that WE WILL PLAY it when you are online!! So.. REQUEST AWAY!

Don't forget to say when you can play (Eastern Time) and what day.


Earth Needs You...More like bungie needs you to buy their product for money...I guess we consider bungie the world now...AMEN!!