About Me

All lies!

Hi, my name's Chris, I'm almost 30 years old, happily married and living in Houston Texas.  My life consists of working at a help desk supporting customers so behind the times that they're still on dial-up, and desperately searching for a way that I won't have to do this for the rest of my life!  This is me, more or less, except I've got a full goatee now, and I no longer smoke.  Oh, and I've got lasers grafted to my forehead.

My wife,  Cthulhugrrl is the funniest, sexiest, most awesome woman in the whole world, and due to the wonders of hypnotism, she can't get enough of me!  As soon as she gives me permission, I'll stick more information about her up here.



Generally, we're geeks.  Great big geeks of several flavors.  We had our honeymoon at a sci-fi convention.  More of the stuff that I find fascinating can be infered from my Links  page.  Gaming,  Sci-Fi, Role-Playing, Computers,  Extropian-Discordian-Anarcho-Zombie-fightin'-mothafuckers.  Two seconds after this picture was taken, both of these cos-playin' suckas were DECAPITATED by the pretty little lady standing between them.