Some of the features


  • Auto update. You will get a message when there is a new version.
  • All logs and settings saved in one folder on your computer "Documents/XTIANRCON" makes it easy to backup or move to another computer.
  • Connect to and monitor multiple servers at the same time. An option to autoconnect to servers at start.
  • RCON Console, send commands to the server manually.
  • In the same view you get alot of info about your server and current players. You can also execute most of XTIANRCONs features from an context menu in this view.


  • GGC extension: If your server streams to http://ggc-stream.com/ and PunkBuster catch a cheater this cheater is streamed to GGC and saved. When a hero joins, your server will ask GGC if that hero is banned and kick the hero if banned. In this way GGC shares the hero banlist with all streaming servers. In other games the "account" (with all characters) is banned, but this is not the case with BFH, only the cheating hero is banned. The GGC extension in XTIANRCON extends the GGC hero banlist to a player banlist. So all heroes of a banned player will be kicked. The activation of this feature in XTIANRCON is instant (in one second) and includes all banned heroes in GGC database.
  • Other GGC features: search playerId in GGC database, view last collected cheaters, view your servers GGC status, last banned cheaters on your server, last kicked cheaters on your server.


  • Announce your server to http://bfh.utrymmet.se (a server browser). Request players.
  • Server status page that you can insert on your own/clan webpage.


  • Auto balance - tickets, a feature with alot of settings that automatically keeps your server balanced based on the difference between the teams score.
  • Auto balance - levels, this feature tries to keep your server balanced by not allowing to large difference between the players levels.


  • Limit - classes, you can set how many of each class that's allowed in each team separately. You can set different limits for each weekday.
  • Limit - levels, you can set min and max allowed level on your server.
  • Automatic statpadding protection, automatically kicks AFKs on HotH maps.
  • Extended AFK protection, automatically kick AFKs that are repeatedly killed when spawn.
  • Pre game play time limit, an option to kick players if they played pregame too long.


  • Save in game Super admins, admins and moderators.
  • Pre define ban, kick and warning reasons that can be used from context menu or in game commands.
  • Vote system for map skip/jump and player kick. Define who can initiate a vote and if a win is based on percent or majority.
  • Option to enable some admin in game commands for moderators.
  • Extended in game commands for super admins including set new map rotation, add/remove VIP, change max ping/idle time and commands used to change settings on unranked servers.


  • Chat rules. This system listening to the chat and if a chatrule match it can response with a private or public message/warning from admin. You can also define how many warnings before a kick.


  • Triggers. This system respond to players characteristics like playerid, country, kills, level. When a trigger match it is logged and can response with a private or public message you defined.


  • Server VIP list management. Add or remove VIPs on your server.
  • Automatic VIP protection, this is an auto removal of those VIP that suddenly appears (annoying BUG) when server is restarted. Every time server is started (and every 4 hour) all VIPs that are not in the local list will be removed automatically. You do not need to worry about this VIPs anymore :-)
  • Option to set last VIP date for selected VIP. After this date the VIP will be auto removed from server.


  • Server banlist management. Saved on server and based on IP-address.
  • Autokick/temp autokick list that is handled by XTIANRCON. All heroes for players in this list will be kicked on join.This list is based on playerId.


  • Map rotation management. An option to set different rotations for each weekday or a different rotation between defined times. You can set how many rounds every map will run.


  • Pre defined greetings, public or private to: all, admins, moderators and VIPs.
  • Up to 6 scheduled public server messages. You can also set a server message when round start, round end or when last round ends.
  • Server level announcement with a gap you define.
  • Map rotation announcement.
  • Map announcement.
  • "Best" player announcement.
  • Level up greetings for lvl 1-10, 11-20, 21-29 and lvl 30.
  • First and last kill and death announcements.


  • View and change server settings.
  • Local copy of server settings that can be auto saved to server after server restart.
  • Set/schedule max ping.
  • Set/schedule max idle time.
  • Send notification mail when server goes down or comes up.


  • Search chat and save the result as a htm file.
  • List players with the longest playing time on your server. An option to make them VIP from context menu.
  • List VIPs and see how much and how many times they played lately.
  • Search and view PunkBuster Screen Shots (PBSS) for a specific player, works with i3D and Multiplay servers.
  • View Multiplay server log files from within XTIANRCON.