Xtertor Bio.


Dave X: Voice / Lyrics.

Dherek S: Drums / Composing.

Azrhael C: Synths / Programming / Composing


Xtertor is a project born in February 2006, in the summer of 2008 different personal issues of their make dissolve the band members.
In October 2014 Dave, an original member of the band, contact Azrhael, also an original member, to resurrect the project, Azrhael happily accepts the challenge and begin to trace the outlines of the revival of Xtertor few months later included in the project Dherek for his musical and personal affinity with Azrhael and Dave.
In early 2015 begin to design the sound that the band will indentidad decide to step back and look at the sound sources in the early beginnings of EBM and Industrial without wasting the advantages and influences of today's electronic environment.
Xtertor captures the essence of the early work of Suicide Commando, Hocico and X-Fusion and moved to its own sound perspective for a genuine and different sound, but retains the dense atmospheres, sharp rhythms, sharp melodies and vocal aggressiveness of the early years of the industrial scene.
In 2016 they are immersed in the production of his first job as Xtertor born again.
The album will be called Re-Born as a tribute to the ancient era of the band.