Xinlin Tang, Ph.D
Associate Professor of MIS
Department of ESIS
College of Business
Florida State University
Phone: (850)644-1044

Xinlin is an associate professor of Management Information Systems in the Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Information Systems (ESIS) Department of the College of Business at Florida State University. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from the Center of Process Innovation in the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and a master's degree in Management Science from the University of South Carolina.
Motivated by her work experience and research in the Ph.D. program, Xinlin has developed her research interests that lie at the intersection of information system strategy and interorganizational relationship management. Her research program is comprised of three inter-related themes:
  1. IT-enabled governance of interorganizational relationships,
  2. IT-enabled innovation and business value, and
  3. IT-enabled knowledge management. 
Her work has appeared in leading scholarly journals including Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, IEEE Transaction on Engineering Management, and Journal of Operations Management, among others.
Representative journal publications:
Rai, A. and Tang, X. (2014) "Information Technology-Enabled Business Models: A Conceptual Framework and a Co-Evolution Perspective for Future Research," Information Systems Research (25:1) 1-14. Lead article.

Tang, X., Rai, A., and Wareham, J. (2011) “Bridging and Bonding for Value Creation: A Structural Embeddedness Perspective of B2B Digital Intermediation,” IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (58:1) 4-20. Lead article.
 Rai, A. and Tang, X. (2010) “Leveraging IT Capabilities and Competitive Process Capabilities for IR Portfolio Management,” Information Systems Research (21:3) 516-542. Featured in the Economist.
Rai, A., Brown, P., and Tang, X. (2009) “Organizational Assimilation of Electronic Procurement Innovations,” Journal of Management Information Systems, (26:1) 257-296.