Your Eight Dynamics      

                                        How to Rehabilitate Your Self-Determinism

Your Goals


You have dedicated your life to the betterment of mankind. You are giving it all you can and more. You have set aside personal interests to best serve humanity and to help Ron clear this planet, ridding it forever of the grave consequences of the Reactive Mind. You are racing to beat deadline Earth. You have but little time. You know you have to do it: it is your duty, your calling, your choice. And it is the only hope for mankind.


On this road there is much more at stake than your personal well-being. This is the road that leads humanity out of the traps laid down by forces of evil who knew no mercy, and, worst of all, had no technology to reverse their implanted lies once they had been laid.


So you work selflessly to help others, you sacrifice your personal desires for the greatest good, you study to improve your understanding of LRH technology, you strive to be a better person, a better staff member, a better executive. Your decisions are ultimately guided by just one thing: the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Because it is the only way we will make it. Because, in the end, it is the only thing that matters. Not you, not me, not the barking dogs outside your windows, not the fun and games distractions, not even some things that would seem important if you didn’t know what was at stake.


No, the battle is between the final searing blaze of the nuclear bomb and Scientology. Scientology has got to win. There is no choice. And so you keep on going.

Your Eight Dynamics


Thankfully, you are in the position where the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics is easily realized. LRH created the Sea Organization for those, the most dedicated of Scientologists, who know the tech works and want to do everything they can to bring LRH technology to salvage the population of Earth.


With the optimum solution in mind, you can establish how far along the line you have come and where you could still improve by asking yourself the following questions, which have been laid out dynamic by dynamic:


1st Dynamic


Do other people listen to what you have to say?


Do you feel you can have and express your opinion?


Does your daily life in practice closely approximate how it should be per LRH?


Do you have exercise time?


Is your uniform in good shape and do you have adequate uniform parts?


Are your studies going well and are you on those courses that will improve your life?


Do you have any time for yourself?


How is your sense of humor doing?


Are you feeling fresh and relaxed in the morning after a good night of sleep?


Is your personal life situation getting better or do you hope it will all be better one day?


Are you actually allowed to think for yourself?


Have you given up personal improvement for the good of the group?


Are you honest with yourself?


2nd dynamic


Are your loved ones near you?


Do you have a satisfactory family life?


Are you in communication with other members of your family who are not in Scientology?


Do you feel you can’t really tell your family what is going on as they wouldn’t understand? 


Have you given up hopes for normal family relationships for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics?


3rd dynamic


Can you trust your friends and tell them how you really feel and think?


Can you choose your friends freely or are you told who to associate with and who not?


Are the people you work with friendly towards you?


Does your senior treat you with respect?


Are you working well together as a group?


Is your third dynamic improving as a result of your hard work?


Are you achieving products you can be proud of without external intervention?


Have your ideas which have been based on policy been shot down in flames?


Are conditions of the group in normal or above as a rule?


Is justice fair and equal?


Is it possible that some people who were declared actually were social personalities?


4th dynamic


Do you know what is going on in the world?


Are there less wars, conflict and suffering in the world due to your actions?


Do you know if the new Ideal Orgs are full of people?


Do you know how the statistics that really matter are doing?


Do you feel you know the whole story or only the PR version you are allowed to hear?


Have your sacrifices on your other dynamics improved the 4th?


5th dynamic


Do you have time to go outside and enjoy nature?


Do you enjoy walking, seeing the trees blow in the wind, admire the flowers, listen to the river running through the park?


Have you had a day off to go walk in the forest and feel one with nature?


Do you spend any time with your pets? Do you have any? If not, why not?



6th dynamic


Do you enjoy your work area?


Does MEST stay in good order under your care or do you have to be forced to take care of it and clean it?


Do you have the necessary means to do your work or do supplies always seem inadequate and hard to come by?


Is there something you vitally need for your post but cannot get because of other priorities that seem trivial in comparison?


Does there seem to be too little or too much attention on MEST as opposed to people?


7th dynamic


Has your ability to study not improved by using study technology?


How is your Bridge progress?


When did you last complete a Grade Chart action?


Have you retained the gains you have made in Scientology?


Do you wish you were higher up on the Bridge?


Wouldn’t you going OT be in the best interests of the group since you could better serve them?


Have you given up hopes for personal improvement but hope you can help others go up the Bridge and be valuable that way?


Have you decided it is better to catch up on what you missed by being born into a Scientology family next lifetime?


Are conditions formulas working for you?


Is there more than one obvious outcome from doing a Doubt condition? Is it possible that you could be right yourself?


Why wouldn’t the current LRH materials be good enough? Isn’t the LRH Tech that has gotten people to OT already contained in them? Why do they need to be “gotten back on Source?”


8th dynamic


Have you gained an increasing understanding of the nature of the 8th dynamic?


Do you feel that you could be a Scientologist and retain your faith or do you find that Scientology has made other faiths unnecessary by discovering the truth?


Do you hope it would be easier to get to OT VIII?


Do you think you will ever make it there?


Are the OTs that you personally know powerful and successful in life? Did they become that way because of Scientology?


Do you know people who are stably exterior?


Do you wish you could understand LRH better?


Do you feel you don’t totally understand what is really wrong?


The World Around You


If you have not flown with an airplane for some while, you probably don’t remember just how big the world outside is. This planet is actually massively large. Yes, I know it isn’t so if you compare it to the solar system, the sector, the galaxy, the island galaxies and the whole wide universe, but let me ask you this: When did you last see any of it?


If you haven’t recently seen the world, take my word for it, it is really big. It is much bigger than the distance from here to Hemet. It is much bigger than the distance from here to Los Angeles. And Los Angeles itself is quite large, but again disappearingly small when compared to California, a small part of America, just one continent on planet Earth.


There are 6 and a half billion people out there. That figure is just a figure until you walk into a place with lots of people – let’s take the airport as an example. Los Angeles International Airport, when you stand in the middle of it, is like a anthill of activity, with countless people, none of whom you have ever met in your life, on their way from some place to another. All with their own thoughts, plans, problems, questions, answers and lives. And this is a few thousand people. It’s but a spec on the map of Los Angeles. I dare claim you cannot well visualize the number of people and get a good sense of their equally numerous destinies in life. It is all but impossible.  And that is one city in the hundreds of thousands of cities and towns that dot this planet, some smaller, some larger. It is a big world.


Now, here’s the point: Not one in a hundred people, not one in a thousand people, not one in ten thousand people, not even one in one hundred thousand of them, but one person in half a million of is even thinking about Scientology at this moment.


This is not a guess, this is not a made-up statement. This is not an exaggeration. This is a cold, mathematical and statistical fact.


This is what all of your work and the work of the entire Sea Org and Scientology management and org structure has resulted in so far, in terms of Scientology expansion and clearing the planet.


You may think I have an error in my math and that we are on the threshold of planetary salvation. That is only so in Int events. The “threshold” is about as high as the distance from here to the moon, and it hasn’t gotten significantly lower in 20 years.


Vital Statistics


 Number of Orgs    175

Number of Sea Org Members     6500

Number of Org Staff    10,000

Number of Active Public Scientologist      25,000

Flag GI        Down from $1,000,000 week range in 2006 to $500,000 week range in 2008.

Pie chart of Distribution of Active Sceintologist (SO, Orgs, Public)

Number of New public  in:     Negative range.  There are more people leaving Scientology than new ones coming in.

Target date for Clear planet based on expansion statistics over 58 years: Year 9,427,008 

Number of protesters showing up at orgs around the world each month: Over 9,000 

This is today’s statistical reality on the “fastest growing religion in the world.


But wait! Wherever COB works, stats go up – doesn’t that prove that Scientology Tech works when it is standardly applied?


I am afraid it only proves that people in those areas where COB goes will do anything to get their stats up so that they do not have to be the target of the senselessly harsh ethics actions or the potential of expulsion from Scientology that will be their fate if they don’t.


What You Can Do


You can ask yourself if it is really worth all the trouble you are going through every day to see no other results, personal or otherwise, than millions of dollars being extracted from those few thousand well-paying Scientologists whose money, along with the endless unpaid hours you and the other over 20,000 Sea Org and Org staff put in every day, is what keeps this small empire going.


You can ask yourself why you would be lied to, and by whom.


And you can ask yourself for whose benefit is it all being done.


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