Who is Anonymous?

                                                                                           From Anonymous to You                         

You have probably heard about the protest arranged by the group 'anonymous' that took place outside Scientology orgs all over the world on February 10th. There will be another similar protest on March 15th, arranged by anonymous. I am writing to you because I want to clear up some misconceptions about the protests, and give you an opportunity to see our side of the story unfiltered by the church management.
A press release from the church asserted that 'Anonymous' are “perpetrating religious hate-crimes against Churches of Scientology and individual Scientologists for no reason other than religious bigotry.”
The same press release also claimed that anonymous' favourite books are 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler and the Communist Manifesto. This claim is not only ridiculous, since these two ideologies are completely antagonistic, but the claim is blatantly false. I assure you that I am no fan of neither Adolf Hitler or Karl Marx, and I have not seen any evidence that any other members of anonymous are.

Other claims from the Church are that we are funded by psychiatrists, that we have links to the KKK and that we are a front for the FBI and various other government agencies. Needless to say, these claims are all false.

We are not religious bigots, nor are we secretly controlled by any other organisation. We are ordinary people, and concerned citizens. But what reasons other than religious bigotry would possibly cause someone to protest against a religion? Surely there must be a hidden agenda, right?

Our concern is not with the beliefs of Scientology. We recognize that most Scientologists are wonderful people, with good intentions, and we are not out to harm anyone or challenge your right to believe whatever you want. Our concern is with the crimes committed by the upper management of the Church of Scientology. We have good reason to believe that good intentions of most scientologists are being exploited by the Church.

Our concern is with the human rights abuses against Scientology's own followers taking place at the SeaOrg, and at the 'Rehabilitation Project Force'

Our concern is with the Churches 'Fair Game' policy; an official policy of the church. The policy, written by L. Ron Hubbard himself, states that anyone who criticizes Scientology can be harmed by any means possible, including violence. Why does a religion need such a policy, and what kind of a religious leader would create something like that? The policy was 'cancelled' a long time ago, but if you read the cancellation message, you will find that it is really only a cancellation of the name 'Fair Game', not the practice of fair game, since the name, rightfully so, gave the church negative publicity.

Our concern is with the churches Disconnection policy. Anybody who is critical of the church is declared a suppressive person. If a member of Scientology wants to leave Scientology, he or she will be declared suppressive simply for no longer believing. Is not everyone entitled to their beliefs? Is this tolerant of other peoples religious beliefs? When someone is declared suppressive, they are forced to 'disconnect', and no member of Scientology is allowed to speak to them. This policy has torn apart countless families, and it has ruined lived.

If you see us on March 15th, I hope you remember this message, and know that we are there against the Church, not against you. We are there for you.



You have probably heard of, or seen, the recent demonstrations outside the Scientology orgs. We wanted to let you know what is going on. Thousands of Scientologists have left Scientology in the last few years after discovering that some considerable suppression had been occurring from within the management, and was being transmitted down to individual Scientologists.

This pattern of covert suppression has to some degree affected the well-being of all Scientologists, unfortunately. It has been felt partly in the areas of heavy regging, excessively hard-sell donation cycles, forceful and low tone ethics handlings, alterations of technology and books and in blatantly false LRH biography data which has been offered as being true.

The pain of internal org suppression is often worse than any from outside SPs as it hits Scientologists where they have placed their trust, and are therefore open and unprotected. We are sorry to have to inform you that you have been lied to quite severely. The fact is that the OT powers and Total Freedom you have been promised, and are paying for are simply not there to be delivered. This is shown in the actual real life behavior of OTs, as contrasted with the claims and success letters you have heard or read. Those who have gone to the end of the Bridge have not obtained Total Freedom or demonstrable OT powers.

You are, therefore, being invited to read the facts and judge for yourself what you are experiencing. In this way, the LRH definition of integrity is available to you to feel and act upon. It is not good to have an uncomfortable feeling that you feel something is really wrong, or that group outnesses are stacking up, and to not know the facts. There are Scientologists who have left, many from high points on the Bridge (including Mike Rinder, the former top exec of OSA, David Miscavige's niece, Jenna and many former execs and "Pre-OTs" too) , and there are a whole bunch of former Scientologists who truly CARE that you get the facts and move from not knowing to knowing-ness about it.

Kindness and compassion are not the most common attitude on lines within the orgs, and that is one indicator of the internal suppression we are talking about. Those who are demonstrating outside the orgs in such large and expanding numbers are there for YOU, because they actually care about you. We have called ourselves "Anonymous" as we are all self-determined and we feel strongly that you should not be subjected blindly (or at all) to the internal Scientology management suppression. We know that the vast majority of Scientologists are good-hearted people who have lofty and inspiring goals, and that is why we care to do what we are doing.

The people demonstrating and protesting are targetting that internal suppression actively. Some of them are ex-Scientologists who LOOKED at the facts, even when org terminals had told them to stop looking, stop listening, stop researching facts on the internet, and they have found considerable relief from being suppressed from within Scientology. We wish you the same happiness.

As an example of what we mean, we invite you to print out this message, take it to your org ethics officer and see if the response is for you to get more facts from the internet (you do the searching per your own criteria) or if they want you to not be informed by anyone but management. SPs want you to STOP being fully informed. We want you to be fully informed and make self-determined decisions for your own future well-being. Have your ethics officer read the suggested sites below too, so he or she is better informed. Part of a Doubt Formula is getting real facts from real people, not invalidating any facts other than management's limited writings or orders. If anyone stops you from using the internet it is proof of the suppression we are warning you about here.

Some former members continue to apply the tech outside of management's fixed control, in something called the Freezone. These people are labelled, quite wrongly, as squirrels, but in fact they are deeply unhappy with the recent tech and book alterations that have been forced onto Scientologists, and they prefer the unaltered version.

We are sorry to bring you this news, but the Fourth Dynamic (Mankind) is forced to by-pass the deeply suppressed Third Dynamic (group) for your protection. Have the courage to LOOK for yourself.

In our next demonstrations, such as on March15th we cordially invite you to talk openly with us. We mean you no harm; in fact quite the contrary. You are the reason we are there.