Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 2:18 am    

Post subject:   The Real Story -
Subject description: Why the building has been parked and why it will not open on time!

Okay here goes nothin'. The money for this building was raised eons ago. At least 5 years ago without a doubt. Super Power and the CRRD (Cause Resurgence RunDown) have not been released and have been a pilot for OVER 20 YEARS! The pilot has been one big crap fest from the beggining. Both programs were being piloted at the Int Base since the early 80's. The CCRD - this is the one where you run around a friggin pole for hours at a time until you cannot run anymore. You rest, then run some more. This goes on for weeks! Well some of the Base Execs would assign people to the rundown if they were out ethics or just not getting shit done. Before you knew it there were tons of people running around a pole in the middle of the desert in 100 degree weather. Some pilot. Anyway now they have a huge palm tree as the "pole" and people still do the program when the bug on the Bridge or are a flat ball-bearing. Okay well this entire time the pilot has been going, there have been times (most of the 20 years) where no one was running the pilot and nothing was being done to codify what the hell the program was. Still not done to this day. This brings us to the new building. How can you train a building full of people on something that has not been worked out. There are no C/S issues, no Supervisor Courses, there are no Course packs, there are a bunch of photocopied issues that have been being copied for years over and over on what the program is and how to do it. This program also borderlines on a real world physical limitation as well. Can you imagine some overwight person running around a pole for 3 weeks 5 hours per day. You are goign to see some serious legal issues come into play at this point. There are going to be injuries and someone will have to explain why you kept the person running day after day. Well with no materials in sight and no one working on them, DM had to pull the plug on the building being built. THIS IS WHY THEY STOPPED - NO OTHER REASON. They have nothing to "release" when it gets done - solution - DO NOT finish it.

Same things goes for Super Power - No courses, out tech - no C/S, Supe, Auditor or PC packs to speak of. Also just about every person who has done Super Power at the Int Base, Declared, Off-post, blown, deckie etc. HMMMM... Is this ready for all of Scn Public - maybe not. This is the best part. The Super Power pilot has been running for years - and I mean years. It was just last year that any of the perceptics drills were actually even really worked out. Last year!! What the hell were people doing for the first 19 years??? Who friggin' knows. Anyway so all of the sudden they have everything worked out now. After 19 years of pilot data and in one year they start over and complete all of the piloting.

DM keeps telling all of the Int Base staff that this is why the building does not open but who the hell can do the work. It is so damn confusing to the Base staff. DM continues to hold the marathon meetings while no one can figure out what the hell he is talking about and He usually ends up saying that he will have to do it himself. Which really makes it easy as he will just reject anything that anyone else on these items anyway.

That is why the building has not opened, and I seriously doubt that they will start delivery on these rundowns on time. Dave M. is racing against the clock to get it all done himself. Can he do it? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Oh btw, DM has already threatened on a multitude of occasions Decalring the entire Int base. This is how it has gone from over 1000 staff to around 300. Threats on "getting rid of deadwood or DM leaves." But DM never ends up leaving so more and more poepl just keep getting offloaded.

Right now I am sure that the whole place will be being meter checked once a day until they smoke out the mole feeding me data. Good luck my guy has been there for the long haul and showing up with a clean needle on the new Mark VIII Ultra is a walk in the park.