Sex in the Sea Org

October 2006

I had heard a rumor that Int staff were no longer allowed to get married.

I sent a PM to Blownforgood to ask if it were true and had he heard anything about it, and he answered it.

He just gave me an OK to post his answer, so here it is:

Absolutely they CANNOT get married. This would be an awesome thing for someone to post. No marriages would be recorded in Riverside County as none are taking place, but divorces are rampant.

If you even start up any kind of relationship right now at the Int Base, You will be heavily investigated for having "other fish to fry" Any activity on the subject of a make/female relationship at the Int base is flat out considered out-ethics.

Hope this answers your question.

Hope to posting soon.

Have many great stories to tell and very good news for all of Clambake.

At least 100 people will be free from the Int base this year and sent all over the U.S. some of these will absolutley float to the surface and see the postings on Clambake.

Until next time... 


Re:  Birth Control in the Sea Org - a posting from ESMB

The most common in use was the "Separation Method", or to give it its formal Latin name, cohabitus interruptus, where one spouse is posted in a different continent to the other for years at a time.