Children in the Sea Org

What you are about to read is a real account... this is not a joke, not a prank and most definitely is not humor...

This is a real person, devastated and destroyed by the Church of Scientology...

"This is a true story. I almost find it comical, though the meaning of it is a bad omen. Years ago, I was a member of the EPF. It's been a while. This all happened at the PAC base, in Hollywood, California. I was having to be re-indoctrinated by superiors due to my "misuse of study time". This meant little to me, because I was studying things of little real use to me. Instead, because I was struggling, like any normal child does while studying, and because I could not get anyone to help me (Another problem they commonly have), I decided to do some real learning while I waited. So I started reading an Encyclopidia. They sent me to do "ethics" because of this, and this is how I came to the situation in question.

It started with a punishment. There were a group of roughly six children in the same boat as me, for one reason or another, and the man in charge of the EPF felt we needed a break from our indocrination. So he proposed we do some labor. The labor was easily accepted over the torturous hours telling our superiors what they wanted to hear so we could get out of the place. He sent us to clean a place he called "the Pit". Now that right there was a sign to me. Another was going to the Kitchens and getting on rubber boots and aprons. But it wasn't until we actually got down to the basement that I decided to clean something else. The entrance was a large hole in the celling, and you could only see some rusted pipes from where you stand, but it was the smell that got me. Such a nasty smell. I told my fellow EPFers that I'd just sweep the floor just outside, and that I didn't want to go into 'the pit'. They were so excited, and I still to this day don't know why. But the second you jump through that hole, you're waist deep.... in Shit. I'm not being figuritve, I'm being literal. In the Pit, a sewage pipe had busted, and filled the locality with sewage. 'cleaning the pit' meant cleaning the broken pipes of this section. Now, as I was standing there, doing my sweeping, there was no sound but my fellows talking as they cleaned. Then came the scream. When one of them got out, she had what I can only consider a wound around her eye. The superiors did not take her to the hospital, no, that would bring up questions. instead, she went to the sci-doctor they had on the base, who cleared her to work the next day! And she did, with a puffy, infected looking eye. The other children simply hit the showers, and none of us questioned why children were stuck cleaning up broken pipes in sewage so high that you had to wash for 45 mins. We never worried about the injured girl, we had been told not to. We never thought anything was wrong.

Shortly afterward, I had a 'friend' finish the EPF. We'd gone through the same harsh times, but something had to have been different for him. He sat down, first morning, and when he ate breakfast with us just once, and only once, I noticed something quite unnerving. He had no empathetic emotions left. Something had changed about him, he had a clear sense of arrogance, and he actually seemed to think we were suddenly beneath him. His demeanor gave him away.

I'm not sure what the people in Scientology are doing to children, but it is definitely not a good thing. If any of you have children you've entrusted to 'superiors', I'd suggest you take a renewed interest in them. And most importantly, those of you that have entrusted your fellows so, remember: You made someone their guardian while they are not with you when they left your care, most likely legally. Why aren't those guardians doing anything? And of course, the more unnerving question, what rights does that give them over your child? I'd look into that subject a bit harder, because something is very wrong with how those children are being brought up in your abscence.

I will not sign my name to this for fear of what the scientologists will do to me if I do. I've witnessed their tactics firsthand, and I know what they do to their enemies. I will remain anonymous, and I will never forgive what they did to me and my family, nor will I ever forget my outrage over their actions."