by  Ex member Michael Pattison                                            

Originally posted: 12 November 2005

Dear Scientologist,

I completed New OT8 in February 1990 after being in Scientology since
1973. During that period I was mainly "public" but did several years
as a staff member in Paris Org as Qual Sec. I trained up to be a C/S,
FPRD and Confessional auditor and solo auditor. I was a Scientology
celebrity as an international fine artist, creating beautiful
paintings of "visualized" music. Many Scientologists (thousands) knew
me personally from my art tours of orgs and missions in the early
1980s. Samples of my art  can be seen at

Though you may read about how and why I actually left Scientology on
the internet (you would probably have to use a non-Scientologist's
computer, however) and see the data at,
I wanted to address a simple letter of "Truth Revealed" to you here.
After all, that is the very name of the OT8 level.

As I read the lists of many Scientology staff names and addresses so
recently published on the world wide web (though I don't know how that
came about) I was filled with compassion at the fact of your
commitment and devotion to Scientology and its basic aims. I was also
a proud trooper for decades and was utterly convinced that Scientology
was really everything I read it was and heard it was. Peer agreement
(group ARC) was also a strong re-enforcement of my convictions and my
unrelenting in-KSW attitude that I applied very well despite it
sometimes coming back at me with counter-emotions and counter-efforts.

Like you, I too have made things go right when things looked very
bleak. I, too have spent a lot of money on services and donations that
I really could not afford. I have done the "yo-yo" exercise and stood
and applauded and cheered LRH's photo over and over again at events.

Like you I have also held back the tears of protest and dismay when
"handlings" went wrong or were off-target and waited endless
frustrating hours in waiting rooms for folders, C/s's and D of P
interviews. I have, maybe like yourself, had serious doubts as to the
unexplainable mysterious "outnesses" in the Scientology lines and
terminals that seemed to be so quickly smothered, hurried away or
blanket-defined as "entheta". I quietly "wondered" (but better not say
anything) at seeing the sudden painful hostilities towards and
upsetting disappearances of staff members, the sadness of the RPFers
or the black hole money pit my money got sucked into so fast.

I have also had the personal wins from auditing, feelings of group ARC
in the briefings and in courses in LRH tech, admin and ethics
training, though in retrospect I could wish that they had been as
permanent as my payments were to purchase them. I have also seen the F/
Ns and the VGIs from my pc's and (in cramming) auditors from applying
tech. Without those wins along the way I would never have made it all
way up the Bridge to New OT8, as you know. Going OT is an uphill
battle all the way.

I have been in your position when my own ethics handlings went both
well or badly, when conditions were applied both to eventual wins and
to the strained "E.P" of satisfying  the fixed ideas of tech or ethics
terminals who were aiming at a specific result I had to attain. I have
done conditions formulas till they were coming out of my ears, and
tons and tons of other ethics, tech and admin applications. I
personally knew the Flag Class 12 auditors from the Apollo as I
trained with them at Flag, I have known the Int Execs since they were
teenagers, I have personally known all LRH's children. I have known
and frequented many of the Scientology celebrities too.

I WENT ALL THE WAY UP THE BRIDGE  (there is no available level above
New OT8).

What happened then is why I am writing this letter. I wish it was not
necessary to write this but it is. I firmly believe that Truth is a
friend to, and that lies are an enemy of survival. Yes, feel free to
investigate what I write about here...

It is truly heartbreaking for me to have to inform you that you have
been lied to, and not just in a small way. I am so, so sorry to have
to tell you this, but please bear with me.

You have been lied to regarding the "Bridge to Total Freedom" as it
does not arrive at Total Freedom. I know this because I have been
there and experienced it. OT8 is NOT Total Freedom, yet there is no
more Bridge to travel.

You may have wondered why OTs still behave in "strange" or weird ways
and still exhibit aberrated behaviors. They are on the big secret
missed withhold of not having received what LRH promised. Every non-OT
"misses" the withhold.

You have been lied to about OT powers. I will not go into any case
data or OT level data as it is not necessary, but I can tell you that
the advertised and promised OT powers LRH writes about such as
telekinesis (moving objects as a thetan), perfect total recall,
"clear" of any and all aberrations, permanently Cause over Life, real-
life Cause over MEST, etc are NOT in reality delivered by Scientology
(in my direct experience and in that of many others).

You have been lied to about LRH's death, and the lies were criminally
false. The "story" about LRH deciding to causatively but regrettably
depart his body, go off to research further OT levels, etc. was very
likely a pack of lies. The coroner's report found a psychiatric drug
(Vistaril") in LRH's body after death as well as many needle marks.
The surrounding circumstances of LRH's death such as a very unkempt
body, changing his Will a day before he died, the hurried cremation,
the refusal of autopsy, all make for a very suspicious situation. LRH
had been hiding out at the Creston ranch under the false name "Jack
Mitchell" so as not to be served with lawsuits, as those who knew have

You have been lied to about LRH's biography, and in many aspects of
it, not just a few.

Though this may seem to be shocking enough or upsetting already there
are many other big and awful lies you have been told and false data
you have been fed. In fact enough false data to fill books which
expose and clarify them. Such books as "A Piece of Blue Sky" by Jon
Atack, Bare Faced Messiah by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., L.
Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?" are full of truths revealed and
internal Scientology mysteries unfurled.

The internet is a source for you to explore the truths that hundreds
of former Scientologists, some from Int Exec strata, have written and

Truth, being made of pure Life itself can never be "entheta". It is
pure theta, even if shocking in its first impact; like the sunshine
that dazzles the eyes of someone emerging from a deep and dark cavern,
having followed a closely taped path to nowhere but blind obedience.

But why, you may ask, not let us down slowly? Well, we who "found out"
were not let down slowly and we survived the truth and its powerful re-
orientations. So can you.

I invite you to explore the internet and finding your own freeing
truths. I ask that you open your eyes and see for yourself. I invite
you to see both sides of the Scientology coin.

For example;
and other linked sites.

BEWARE of those who say "Do NOT look!" or try to label the truth or
me, or other brave ex-members who have the integrity to seek out
despite personal dangers as "entheta" or SP's. To my knowledge I have
NOT been declared SP, and have even asked Scientology terminals if
there was such a "declare" on several occasions to no avail, so I
would welcome you to be in communication with me.

I am proud to have been a companion of many, many Scientologists along
the way and I am equally proud of those who have had the guts to speak
out publicly. I regret the lies we were told and the fraud that took
advantage of our trusting good nature. I believe they must be fully
exposed and dealt with appropriately.

In closing, I salute your positive goals, your will to survive, your
bravery in facing new viewpoints and especially the divine spirit
within you that is immortal, beautiful and full of the Light that
shines as bright as the Sun. This inner Light is your real Source.

Michael Pattinson

mpattinson AT gmail DOT com