A Message to Scientology

This is to all Scientologists, including public, staff, Sea Org, and especially David Miscavige.

Scientology has dug itself a very big hole. It gets deeper by the hour. I know that most public have no idea of the misdeeds of management, but you better get a clue. You will eventually fall victim to the inhumane tactics employed by management. You need only know someone who leaves, be related to an "SP" or simply have something you say be heard and KR'd. You already know in your hearts that you are always having to explain your "faith". You have relatives and friends that question the wisdom of following the path of LRH. Do you really think they are all SPs? They aren't. They care about you. While Scientology prefers to attack rather than defend, why should you even have to make that choice? How many atrocities have to occur before you ask yourself if something is amiss? How many Lisa McPhersons, Shawn Londales and Paulette Coopers must there be before you see the light? Do you really want to be like Tom Cruise? Or be controlled like Katie Holmes?

I know many of you have seen the accounts made by ex Sea Org members. Their stories contain more horror than the very best Stephen King novel. The scariest thing is they are true! You are told that they are all lies, that the critics are just hiding their crimes. The truth is Scientology is hiding their own crimes! How do I know? I have been around Scientologists, worked for and with them and related to a few for 28 years. I have witnessed members put their family's welfare at risk in order to go "up the bridge". I have seen countless members who were "course poor" because of the costs of training and processing. I personally knew two members long before they ever heard of Scientology and have seen them go from intelligent, caring individuals to dumbed down, emotionless ronbots. I helped two members (my son and his wife) escape the prison you call Gold/Int Base. I have since not been able to contact my daughter for over three years! My ex wife hasn't spoken to our son since or seen either of his two sons born after rejoining the real world. Why would any group that calls itself a religion prohibit contact by its members with their own family? The answer is quite simple. We might persuade them to leave! They might get rational and, God forbid, reasonable! Truth is the last thing Scientology wants you to have. Oh, you will get it eventually, but if Scientology has their way, it will be when you are on your deathbed. Don't wait until then! Its available for free right now! A brilliant YouTube video said it better than anything else I've seen; Truth = Weapon of Mass Enlightenment.

DM, I'm not sure you have a clue how hated you are. I doubt you have a clue about anything! After all, you were LRH's puppet at such an early age and never really saw anything even remotely resembling the real world. Maybe you think that is your excuse. Wrong! In the criminal justice system, ignorance of the law is not an excuse! I have lost count of how many ex Gold/Int staff members have told me in person of your antics and misdeeds. You are either incredibly stupid, unbelievably evil or both! (I tend to believe both!) There is an old saying that says the only sure things in life are death and taxes. You have one more thing you can be absolutely sure of - prison! You don't have to fear for your life - critics would much rather see you rot in the confines of a cell. Then again, once in prison, even hardened criminals have a certain code of ethics you have violated so maybe you should plead for solitary confinement. That serves two purposes: you don't get killed and you don't corrupt them!

What now?
First and foremost, the policies of disconnection must stop now! Those members that have been instructed to disconnect from family members and friends must be allowed and encouraged to reconnect.
Second, those members held captive in the RPF and 'The Hall" must be set free.
Third, any member that wishes to leave must be allowed to do so freely and without conditions.
Fourth, stop cheating the rest of the working world and drop your tax-exempt claims.
Fifth, remove the secrecy of the upper levels and let your members decide for themselves if they want to pursue those teachings any further before they have spent several small fortunes.

Finally, those of you that have aided and abetted DM with his crimes, I suggest you turn state's evidence soon if you want to avoid serious criminal charges yourselves. You may still be subject to some charges, but they will far less severe if you are able to arrange a plea bargain.