About David Miscavige

Here is a first hand report from someone who worked with David Miscavige on the Int Base.

That's an interesting question. I don't know that he can be personally, as a human being, be known. He is a "homo Novis" of Hubbard manufacture. I believe he basically works on the Hubbard principle that the more dangerous you are to your environment the better you survive. And he is getting more dangerous to people around his near and far every day.

Yes, he has total distrust in people; he can only see traitors around him, witness the fact he has now SP declared most every ex exec, and does not even dare to offload them but keeps them at Int so they can't go out, find out how little support Scientology actually has, or find out the truth about it, band together and cause his immediate demise. So he tries to continue the Hubbard tactics (although he has reinterpreted what declaring someone an SP means -- usually you're supposed to disconnect from them and their only comm line is IJC, etc, etc.) BTW, he does intimidate the "SPs" by the fact that he has their declares all written and that if he needs to get rid of them (i.e. they don't turn around to become his loyal and unquestioning supporters) he will destroy their reputation and sue them back to the stone ages, and other pleasant encouragement of that sort.

So how is he? In the probably 40-50 COB meetings I was present, he was pleasant once that I recall. That was a small meeting with only four people present and he was addressing one of his (back then) favorite staff members in the world. In all other cases, the meetings have followed the predictable pattern of toasting one person after another, telling them he has to do all the work they are supposed to, that they are incompetent, out-ethics, counter-intentioned a*holes (his language is very descriptive and one of the worst of anyone I've ever known, in internal meetings). By several eye-witness reports, the meetings have escalated to frequent physical attacks on people, although I personally witnessed only one such occurrence. It was enough for me.

On the other side, he is a brilliant strategist, an enormously fast thinker and has very good public presentation (when he wants it). He clearly thinks he is about 1000X better, smarter, in-ethics and on-source than anyone he works with. He generally boasts that he does all the production at Int and Gold anyways, so he has no need for people. This is somewhat contrary to the fact that his ending part at virtually every event is a recruitment speech. From his viewpoint, which I have a hard time getting into (but try to by guessing at what LRH policies he views as the key ones to apply), he is probably doing that constant weeding process for those few loyal staff members who (are like him?) and "do what LRH would do." My current take is that he really believes he is doing everything possible to expand Scientology and apply LRH tech, the only contrary fact to which is the report that he has not himself gone in session since 1992 except for occasional ruds sessions. (No wonder his ruds are constantly out!)

There are many things similar between him and LRH, for the simple reason that he is trying to emulate the "what would LRH do in this situation" policy. One other key aspect is that he is definitely a "Do as I say, not as I do" personality, like LRH was. I would go as far as daring to suspect LRH imposed his personality on DM so strongly he has taken on the "valence" of his mentor. I would not be surprised if LRH had actually personally hypnotized DM to believe he was the chosen all-powerful leader of Scn. Maybe, maybe not. The close association, methods of handling people and lifestyle which by themselves amount to brain washing may have done it as well.

Also, he cannot take one blink of criticism on himself while doling out virtual death threats on others. Really. In meetings you may factually get declared and off-loaded on the spot if you do something that pisses him off really good, such as forget to acknowledge him after he has called you a motherf*ing a*hole, or say you didn't hear or understand what he said, don't have an answer, have a comm lag, look away, "lie" to him (he can "see through" any lies), or any of various other major offenses that classify as Suppressive Acts when done in His presence. To say that the meetings are intense is an understatement. To say that you are happy to make it through (another) one is much closer to truth.

And it is true that Scientology has given him everything he has: Money, power, name and fame. So he will do anything to "keep Scientology working." In recent years he has started to lose perspective at an increasing rate. He really thinks he can do it all by himself and doesn't need all the people that are doing all the work for him. One day, not so far in the future he will wake up to find himself dying in the ditch, forgotten or despised, just like his greatest role model, Simon Bolivar. And he will blame it all on the "people" who did not understand greatness.

No, Dave, we don't. Not greatness like this.


(PS. "Responsibilities of Leaders" is actually a pretty good policy to judge him by. You can predict what he will do if you know that policy. "The power has the right to shoot its enemies until such time as comes a golden age," "what pink legs?" He just hasn't realized his fate is about to become the same as Bolivars did.)



My educated guess based on rumor (I fall back on authority in such matters), is that he has read but not done the upper OT levels all the way up to OT XVI or wherever they go to to reach Total Freedom From your Money. Yes, he is likely bugged on OT VII as of '92, and probably does occasional ruds sessions, which he seems to be bugged at as well, considering how badly his ruds are out. I'm guessing he has destroyed all of his PC folders to protect his "impeccable" image, and ths may be the reason for being bugged. This guess is based on me reading that he had his father's session worksheets destroyed after having gotten him sec checked for going out-2D.

I have other reasons to believe he has not done his grades, considering he cannot spot the correct sources of problems and make them vanish (the EP of Grade 2). And he is planning on revising the grades so that they don't take so long.

But he is still the ultimate Tech Expert and Authority. Since he removed Snr C/S Int for out-tech Grades and explained in a few (staff-only) briefings what was wrong with them and since he is the one who has now personally technically verified that many of the people who previously have attested to the State of Clear in fact aren't and need to redo their TRs and Objectives and Grades, he obviously knows what he is talking about. Right?

So is this another "Arbitraries removed" on the horizon?

Yes, and I hopefully don't have to spell out who the greatest arbitrary is.


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Post subject:   Beatings - The real deal
Subject description: Why would anyone stand for this?

The reason that these guys take the beating is that their whole life has been invested in in what they do. DM controls every little aspect of that and they all know it. They also know what DM could have done with them.
There are some people from the Int Base that have been shipped off to far away places never to be heard from again. Trying to fly back from some middle of nowhere country with not a dime to your name is not the easiest things to accomplish.

Anyway most of the times these beating occur is when these guys are supposed to tell DM what has been done to handle some thing or handle some flap. The problems start to surface and then people start getting whacked. Most of the time MY, GL and co have nothing to say which by itself, earns them a good beating most of the time! Now here is a good one. The is an actual quote from DM. He is talking to MY & GL about their "expansion speeches" for an event. The speeches suck as they always do and he tells them that "the only expansion either of them has caused - was with their dicks in each other's asshole!" This is an actual direct quote from DM!!! Since GL's wife left years ago and MY split up with his wife, MY & GL have been living with each other and the running joke has been that they are gay. They have been routinely questioned by DM if they are fucking each other.



The following is a quote from Larry Brennan. In the late '70s and early '80s, Larry was in-charge of the whole Hubbard-ordered "corporate evolution", reporting directly to Miscavige.

"I have decided to write a book to give some new and what I consider are vital insights into the real power structure of organized scientology. It will be written through the eyes of the person who secretly worked on Hubbard legal orders since the mid 1970s, who took the corporate planning for the restructuring in late 1981 to David Miscavige for approval, who received many hidden orders from Hubbard on the subject and who worked directly under David Miscavige for three years as Miscavige secretly ran organized scientology from Author Services Inc. at that time.

"The book will start prior to that time and lay out how Hubbard ran many key legal operations of organized scientology when he secretly ran the Guardian's Office,

"It will clearly cover David Miscavige's rise to power in the early 80s.

"It will cover the period from early 1980 through early 1984 extensively and will go into details never before published on the subject.

"The book will cover chapter by chapter what was done to take over every sector of scientology by secret groups lead by Miscavige, what was reported to Hubbard and what Hubbard had to say about each step.

"It will also cover how dirty tricks against scientologists and scientology critics continued under Miscavige despite the 'change' from the Guardian's Office to the Office of Special Affairs under Miscavige.

"It will show step by step how Hubbard's and Miscavige's deep distrust and paranoia about even the most dedicated of staff and public scientologists lead to major abuses across the sectors as control was seized from each of them. As well, it will explain how Hubbard and Miscavige secretly ran the highest bodies within organized scientology at the time - the Watchdog Committee and the Commodore's Messenger Organization International.

"It will detail many of the lies then told to scientologists to cover up all the above.

"Throughout the chapters there will be numerous quotes from testimony and documents filed later by organized scientology in court cases and in submissions to the Internal Revenue Service, mostly from Miscavige himself. After each quote, the truth will be given to demonstrate what IMHO are hundreds of examples of whole sale perjury and cover ups to mask what really happened at the time.

"It will list the secret organizations through which Miscavige really ran organized scientology and what was done in the USA and abroad to destroy and hide documents by those under Miscavige to hide his controls of it all. It will compare and contrast those sorts of actions to similar actions taken by the Guardian's Office in prior times. It will show how the true Hubbard biography was written and bought off by Miscavige and his people during this time period so that the public would never knew the truth about Hubbard.

"The working name for the book is 'Behind the Corporate Veils', with a working subtitle along the lines of 'In the image of a madman, the Hostile and Brutal Takeover of Organized Scientology'

"There will be no embellishments in the story to be told nor will there be anything false published. The reason behind the book is the simple attempt to tell the story of the true depth of the crime, fraud, lies and abuse behind the 'corporate and management evolution' of organized scientology in that time period in the hope that the truth will help lead to the end of such abuses and the like that continue to this day.

"It is intended that the book will show how the overall corporate structure of organized scientology is in itself the personification of the paranoia, fear and distrust found in Hubbard and Miscavige during that time period. It will also cover a variety of other corporate and legal moves ordered by Hubbard prior to that time to mask his real controls of organized scientology and how the 'evolution' of the early 80s was the culmination of all such past efforts to finally succeed in covering up the truth in a 'legally defensible manner'.

"It will explain organized scientology's 'success' in using the corporate evolution to hide assets from litigants and to hide and protect Hubbard's and Miscavige's secret controls of organized scientology.

"The book will show how corporate controls were put into place a step at a time and how each sector of organized scientology was then lied to and taken under the control of Miscavige. It will show how once the corporate controls were put into place, Miscavige started a whole new era of abuses within organized scientology as he used the 'International Finance Police' and others to extort, abuse, threaten and control others. It will show how Miscavige used 'gang bang sec checks', beatings and public humiliations to break the spirits of others as he seized control.

"It will explain how once 'international management' was gotten under control of Miscavige how 'external influence missions' were sent all around the world to find and destroy all opposition to Miscavige.

"It will attempt to explain how the highest parts of organized scientology became the nightmare that was Hubbard's and Miscavige's dark vision of abuse and control of others, as a preview of what life might truly be like should organized scientology be able to take over society as per their wishes. Actual orders by Hubbard and Miscavige from that time period will be used to explain all this.

"It will cover how Miscavige secretly ran the litigation and intelligence operations of organized scientology, his first plans and actions to deceive the Internal Revenue Service as well as his actions to secretly funnel millions of dollars to L. Ron Hubbard and make up phony records to mislead the Internal Revenue Service. It will cover the lies being covered up from the IRS at the same time senior members of the IRS were being met to 'extend an olive branch'.

"The book will attempt to explain to all concerned exactly how Miscavige pulled this all off and got cooperation of others through his control of the communication to and from L Ron Hubbard. It will show how the darkest and most abusive period of organized scientology, the Miscavige period, was begun.

"In later chapters it is hoped to include an 'open letter' to various governmental departments of the world asking that they take the time to look into this for the good of their citizens. Liberal 'fair-use' quotes will be made here to quote both Hubbard and Miscavige as to their real intentions in taking over the world by organized scientology.

"It is hoped that this book will encourage others who were there after 1984 to continue with their own stories to show where exactly Miscavige has taken organized scientology since he seized control. In fact, the final pages of the book will be a plea to others to continue the story for the good of everyone affected by it all.


Larry Brennan