Abortions in the Sea Org

quote blownforgood

"Abortions. This one is a whopper. More and more girls are getting abortions there. So much so, they had to start going to different abortion clinics as it there were some girls coming back 3 and 4 times and girls coming in on a weekly basis. With the MO office running all of the abortions and setting it up - it was a bit odd. Finally the girls had to deal with it themselves and no one from the Church could go with. I would say that the Int Base has about 50 abortions a year. The ones that keep the babies get shipped off to nowheresville. That has not happened in awhile. 100% have had abortions for the last 10 years at least."



quote ladybird

"If you ever wonder why some of us ex Sea Org are angry and impatient with imposters I hope a search of abortions and children will help you understand. It is now the second and third generation of kids who grew up in the sea org who are being forced to have abortions, divorce their spouses and disconnect from their parents.

The SO targets young girls for recruitment. They frequently marry at
15-16. They will remain capable of reproduction for at least 25 years. If they get pregnant and refuse to have an abortion, the Church will dump
them, bill them for a freeloader debt , and force their husbands chose to leave the
SO or stay in and abandon them. The young parent will not have a high-school diploma or
college degree. How will they live and support a child if they chose to keep
it -welfare ? Despised by Hubbard as "downstat", Hubbard condemns abortion
in Science of Survival, but is it now official chuch policy ?

Please see the thread I just re-activated in the YOUR STORY FROM INSIDE SCIENTOLOGY section:"



Declaration of Astra Woodcraft
24 January 2001

"Approximately 1½ years before I left, a new rule came out stating that if you got pregnant, you had to either get an abortion, which was heavily pushed, or leave. The rule had previously been that if you got pregnant, you had to get an abortion or be sent to a small and failing lower organization where you had to fend for yourself and your baby.
I personally knew of three other girls who got pregnant and were convinced to get abortions. One was my sister-in-law who was 16 weeks pregnant when she was convinced to abort her child although she was strongly against it." 


My daughter was ordered to have an abortion
Open letter of Clarence Sevdy 31 July 1998

I asked for her permission to pass on her story,which she gave to me. While at Superorg in L.A. she was indiscrete...she got pregnant. She was told by those over her to make amends(I don't know Newspeak well enough to use here) . She was ordered to get an abortion!! She refused. Then the bullying started. She had signed a "billion year contract". Your church promised to send her home , but after a bunch of American Nazi wannabees kept her confined (all day in the patio area, not in a room, how kind they were) Then every day for three days , she was kept in a room with 10 to 12 screaning rageing maniacs doing a Chinese Brainwashing routine on her , with an E-meter .