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Diffusion - Physics Simulation

Diffusion - Physics Simulation


This program is for diffusion simulation.    It has a user interface for easy use.
It can simulate the ideal result of ice melting , the temperature distribution in a solid
state object with(out) heat source(s).    The boundary condition in this program
is isolated.

The Formula of Diffusion :

Ut = D * Uxx

U : The temperature of a material (We can use Celcius.)
Ut : U Partial differential to time t (sec)
Uxx : U 2nd order Partial differential to dimension x (cm)
D : Diffusion coefficient (cm^2 / sec)

The formula of diffusion describes the ideal concentration diffusion , or heat
transfer.   For a given boundary condition , unless the very simple case , it is
very hard to get the analytical solution , thus we are using numerical method
to solve the equation.

Diffusion Equation

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