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Dynasty War II

Forward :

This is one of my favorite TV Game.     Thus I write this PC Game Simulation.     For programming , one of the most challenge part is designing the operation of player.     Usually , it's the most complicate part in a game.     I'm quite successful in this for this game.

Dynasty War II :

This is going to be designed as Action RPG. The idea of this game is from CAPCOM : Dynasty Wars. It is talking about at the end of Chinese Han dynasty , the heros fight for saving people from bandits and cruel rulers.
This game emphasizes the role of knight. Sharpen your gamepad control ability is needed. A strong knight may capture a bandit group or even a castle solo.

Dynasty War II20071208s.zip

Control :
Arrow Key : Direction control
[F] : Right Attack , Right Turn
[D] : Left Attack , Left Turn
[S] : Throw or Cast
[ESC] : Exit

Knight Editor  :
[E] : Enter knight edit mode
[Q] : Quit
knight edit mode
Arrow Key : Direction control
[F] : Increase attribute value
[D] : Decrease attribute value

Knight Skill List :
Attack : Normal attack , a knight with a higher strength may attack faster.
Back Attack : Attack enemy at the back quickly.
Chi Accumulation : Knight may accumulate chi to increase attack power and distance.
Sword Chi : After intensive attacks , sword chi may appear and attack continuously.
Throw : Throw a daggar or dart.
Cast : Cast a tactic like fire , landmine , the rain of arrow , rolling stones or a magic.

Weapon :
High level weapon may remain Sword Chi longer , increase attack power. Some special weapons may only obtain after elimanating a strong tiger in the moutain or a bandit group.

Horse :
The horse of a knight is very important. A good horse may run faster , backward penalty is less , turn around is quicker.

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