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About Google sites

I had tried to put the website on yahoo.    That website last 2 years before yahoo close
this free service.       

Then I tried some free web hosting services , they all have some kind of problems.    Such
as it works for the 1st week then shutdown for the next 2 weeks.     Also , it takes too much
time to update the website.    In this case , a forum maybe a good idea.    Because you can
post an article with pictures very easy , also people can reply the post.    So , you spend a
lot of time to setup a forum such as phpBB or Discuz! , then they break down for unknown
reason in two weeks.      Considering about the time for troubleshooting , I totally give up.

Finally the Google sites pops up.   It looks fantastic for me , easy to use and maintain.
Be able to upload pic & attachments.     Also looks very stable , seems no bugs.

That'll be great if it last longer :)