About X Robot-17

This is my personal website which records my projects and related notes & tutorials.

Something about me and these projects:
I was major in Physics and I'm interested in Computer Physics.    I used to use
Numerical Methods to solve Physics Questions and to write Physics Simulation.

I found it's fun to make Physics alive on computer , so I wrote some simple Physics
Simulations such as Diffusion , Wave , and Particles with Interaction Force.

Since I love to play video games , so after I did some physics simulation , I started
to think how do people make those interesting video games.     Then I made Future
Fighter and Dynasty War II.     The challenge in Future Fighter is to make the sprites
display one by one base on y-depth.    It's fun to figure out a way to make that happen.
Then it comes to
Dynasty War II , the operation is base on one of my favorite Arcade
Game : Dynasty War
.     About the operation simulation , I got the conclusion base on
observation of
Dynasty War.      

About Artificial Intelligence , I made AI kid and AI Car.    AI kid can dodge the bullets
base on their speed.    It will calculate which bullet will hit him first and dodge the critical
one.    AI Car , the user can set a destination then the car will try to get there.    This
program can also generate output to printer port about the information of speed and
steering.    Since I was trying to use this program to auto control a RC Car.

I found it's interesting to combine programming and electronics , so I can control and
monitor an electronic device by a computer.     Then it pops up my Arduino RC Car -
Computer Controlled RC Car.     From this project , I learned the basic idea of  how
to use a microcontroller.

After that , I'm interested in some commercial product which features online control.
They can be controlled via internet.    So I made Arduino NetServer which consists
a tiny Web Server Interface that be able to communicate with internet user.

Since my job need to test a wireless communication product call XBee , then I
learned how to setup and use it.    The XBee is quite expensive , a basic one cost
about USD$27.0.     It is tiny and can be installed on an embedded system easily
and make the system wireless.

About in the same time , I'm interested in Servo , DC Motor , and Step Motor.    Then
I wrote a motor control driver for analog control of DC Motor and Step Motor.

Then I integrate the function of Internet Control , XBee , and Motor Control Driver ,
into IXACP Project.     It's a Vehicle with a robotic arm that accepts command from
internet.    The user can observe the vehicle from internet browser , since I integrate
the webcam function from OpenCV into this project.

Hopefully these notes & tutorials may benefit you and be your reference.



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