- Arduino NetServer

      - A Compact Homemade Web Server
      - Be able to control and monitor the electronic devices via this Web Server from internet
      - Using SDL_net - TCP/IP - Non-Blocking Way Programming
      - Real time access the Web Server without reload the page ( Through Javascript & XML )
      - Be able to turn on Webcam(use OpenCV)

    - AI Kid - An AI Demonstration  
            The content include :
                - C++ Programming
                - AI for dodging bullets ( The bullets have their own different speeds ! )
                - Auto-Tracing Missile
                - Radar System
                - Keyboard Operation

    - Diffusion - Physics Simulation   

            The content include :
                - C++ Programming
                - Numerical Methods
                - Visualized User Interface - User defined working area
                - Real Time Physics Diffusion Simulation
                - Mouse Operation

    - Future Fighter - PC Game

            The content include :
                - C++ Programming
                - Scene Scrolling
                - Impact Detection
                - Action System ( Walk , Run , Jump , Normal Attack , Run Attack I , Run Attack II , Pickup Item)
                - Magic System ( Magic Missile , Fireball )
                - Music & Sound System
                - The priority of displaying objects base on the coordinate on the y-axis
                - Monster AI System
                - Keyboard Operation

   - Dynasty War II - PC Game

            The content include :
                - C++ Programming
                - Simulate The Operation Of Capcom : Dynasty War
                - Knight Attributes Editor
                - Game Pad / Keyboard Operation

    - AI Car - Demonstrate Using PC To Control A Remote Control Car

            The content include :
                - C++ Programming
                    - Car Simulation
                    - User Defined The Attribute Of A Car
                    - Auto-Pilot To A Destination
                    - Tire Track Recording System
                    - Path Prediction
                    - Record & Replay System
                    - Printer / Com Port Output (Output Speed & Direction Information)
                    - Game Pad / Keyboard Operation
                - Micro Controller Unit
                    - PIC Kit 2 - PIC16F690
                        - Configure Digital To Analog Converter
                            - From Printer Port To PIC16F690 Digital Input
                            - From Com Port To PIC16F690 Digital Input
                        - Configure Two PWM Pinouts For Analog Voltage Output
                        - Assembly Sample
                    - Arduino Duemilanove With ATmega328
                        - C++ Programming For Arduino Input / Output / Serial Port
                        - FTDI USB To Com Communication(VCP)
                        - C++ Programming For PC Com Port Communication
                - Remote Control Car
                    - Find The Pin On The Remote Controller For Steering & Speeding
                    - The Voltage Vs. Steering Angle & Speed

ArduinoRC_Car - Computer Controlled R/C Car

Using a PC to control a R/C Car - Using Arduino

The Features of This "Computer Controlled RC Car" :
  • Using A RC Car From the Market - Get from any where and do some simple modification to achieve PC Controlled
  • Computer Controlled - Using a Keyboard , Mouse , or Gamepad to control your RC Car
  • Real Time Remote Control - Fast responding.   Feel just like using the original analog remote controller.    Optimized by Low Pass Filter Simulator.
  • Using USB Port - Can be found on most PC and Laptop , you don't need to worry about how to find a COM Port or Printer Port
  • Record and Replay - Use computer to record the best play and replay that to your friends(Computer Automatic Control)
  • Programming Flexible - Using Dev-C++ to develop the control program , so the application won't be limited by the Arduino Integrated Development Environment
  • User Defined Analog Control - Two axes analog control for steering and speed to achieve universal fit for different gamepads on the market
  • User Defined Output Voltage Range - From 0V-5V , user defined Vo to achieve universal fit for the different remote controllers on the market.     Totally 255 different voltage level.    The intrinsic maximum voltage resolution is 0.02V

Analog Motor Control Driver

 - AMC(Analog Motor Control) library is base on ladyada's Arduino Motor Shield.
 - Easy to use
 - Analog drive up to four DC Motors for bi-direction control
 - Analog drive two stepper motors in the same time , it does not need to wait until the other one finished stepping
 - Stepper Motor Support : Bi-polar , Unipolar 4 phases , Unipolar 3 phases

ladyada's Arduino Motor Shield Hardware :
   - 74HCT595N

The 74HC/HCT595 is an 8-stage serial shift register with a storage register and 3-state outputs.
   - L293D
The L293 and L293D are quadruple high-current half-H drivers. The L293 is designed to provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 1 A at voltages from 4.5 V to 36 V. The L293D is  designed to provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600-mA at voltages from 4.5 V to 36 V. Both devices are designed to drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, dc and bipolar stepping motors, as well as other high-current/high-voltage loads in positive-supply applications.

SDL Gamer Tutorial
The basic SDL tutorial for a beginner.   Except Dev-C++ and SDL installation guide on Windows , there're a lot of basic Lessons and examples come with detailed explanations.     It also comes with compiled binary files and the source codes , so you will be able to run and modify it by yourself.    Come and check it out!!!
Contents :

 - Create a Window , Loading a Picture with format BMP and GIF
 - Using SDL_ttf to load a font.ttf file and write the text on screen
 - Play Music and Sound with SDL_mixer
 - Impact Detection , Creat an object in a game

IXACP - Internet Controlled Vehicle

Use Internet to Monitor / Control a Vehicle with Robotic Arm and Flashlight
Key Components : Arduino , XBee , RC Car , the software use Arduino NetServer

Features :
  • The vehicle with analog control about For/Backward , Left/Right Steering
  • A robotic arm controlled by 2 servos hook on the vehicle
  • The arm hold a flashlight which can also be turn ON/OFF by Arduino
  • The vehicle is fully controlled by Arduino which talk to PC wireless by XBee
  • Arduino NetServer allows Internet User fully control the Vehicle by an Internet Browser
  • The user can monitor the battery status of the Vehicle online

Space Gunner
Space Gunner is a space shooting game written in Javascript. The stages include all the planets in solar system. In this game , the actual planet size and the distance has been modified. You might hear that Pluto has been kick out from our solar system recently. However , in here , Pluto is still a planet and it is beautiful. Also , the Moon is the satellite of the Earth. However , it is one of the planets in this game.

The story of Space Gunner is , after several hundreds of years , the space technologies has been well developed and human beings be able to emigrate to other nearby planets. These planets be seemed not suitable for living today , however the advanced planet technologies changed the situation and such that happened in the near future. In this near future , space travelling to other stellar systems is still an impossible mission. However , it is easy to travel in the solar system.

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