The conference "X-ray View of Black Hole Activity in the Local Universe" will take place from 17 to 19 February 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference is sponsored by Swiss National Science foundation. 


The goal of this conference is to present and discuss (via invited and contributed talks) the latest results of space-based X-ray missions (e.g. NuSTAR, Swift, Maxi) on nearby supermassive black-hole growth. Science topics to include do we have a complete census of AGN activity, what new insights can we gain from high signal-to-noise hard X-ray spectroscopy of local AGN, what influence do AGN have on their host galaxies, and what can we learn from future X-ray missions (e.g. Astro-H, Astrosat, X-ray Polarimeters).

Specific Science topics 

Obscured black-hole growth

Coevolution of black-holes with their host galaxies

AGN variability

Sky surveys and source populations

Future instruments and missions


Michael Koss (ETHZ, Chair)
Kevin Schawinski (ETHZ)
Franz Bauer (PUC)
Andrea Comastri (INAF OABO)
Poshak Gandhi (Southampton)
Neil Gehrels (NASA GSFC)
Fiona Harrison (Caltech)
Mara Salvato (MPE)
Dan Stern (NASA JPL)
Meg Urry (Yale)

Kyuseok Oh (ETHZ)
Lia Sartori (ETHZ)
Ina Schultz (ETHZ)
Anna Weigel (ETHZ)