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                Proud Breeder of the Bengal Cat  

                Asian Leopard Ancestor to the Bengal Cat

                                            Bengal Cat



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We are a small in home TICA Registered Bengal Cat Breeder located in Hinesville/Savannah  Georgia. We take pride in breeding healthy kittens from top bloodlines with clear coats and dramatic markings. All of our kittens are raised underfoot in our home as part of our family until they are ready to join their forever families. Kittens are vet checked and sold with a health guarantee. If you are interested in one of our kittens feel free to contact me at xquisites@comcast.net or xquisitesbengals@yahoo.com

     Bengal cats are a hybrids derived from the Asian Leopard, bred to possess the exotic look of their wild ancestor but have the mild temperment of a typical house cat. Because of this Bengal cats are not priced the same as a typical alley cat. They are usually $600-$3000. Our prices are as follows

Pet prices with a spay or nueter contract-


Breeder/Show Quality


We only ship within the United States. If the kitten does need to be shipped, it costs anywhere from $200-$250. This includes the carrier, health certificate, and flight.

In 1995 Georgia FINALLY made it legal to own and breed Bengal Cats F4 and above. All of our kittens. You can view it here www.legis.state.ga.us