Welcome to the DeepestBlue. 

DeepestBlue is actually a nickname. I made it mine, because I was inspired by the sheer computing prowess shown by the IBM DeepBlue Supercomputer when it outplayed the Chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997. I wanted to take this prowess a million steps further. And thus, DeepestBlue was conceived. It is not a physical entity. Nor is it a community. It is just a concept born in my little grey cells. DeepestBlue also signifies my philosophical ideas. Something I churn out of the emptiness that I sometimes experience.


I'm Pramod, a friendly, fun-loving guy from Palakkad, God's own country. Working as a Hardware Engineer at SCM Microsystems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Completed my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Chengannur.

I have a passion for what I study. I like technical stuffs, particularly computers, microcontrollers, VLSI, control electronics etc. I have a strong affinity towards GNU\Linux and Open Source Software. I'm a registered Linux user, user # 457515. I do respect the work done by people who produce proprietary things and the actual people who create them..

I prefer making a few very strong relations rather than a lot of make and break arrangements. And I'm a bit sensitive to these things. A little bit of introversion is also my characteristic. I don't go around making friends, but I maintain regular contact with people I meet.

I enjoy doing what I really feel like doing, and I do it to perfection, particularly if it is something technical. I'm inspired by a famous Chinese proverb : "I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I know".

I take life as it comes, without extensive pin-point planning and this could be the reason why some people say I'm unpredictable. It's always thrilling to face unexpected things! Sometimes I find myself in a soup because of the lack of planning. To get out unscathed is really thrilling and something of great elation.

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