Experimental Pragmatics
   Pragmatics and psycholinguistics
   Thursday 23d to Saturday 25th of April 2009

   Lyon, France
(with abstracts, practical information, a list of participants, etc.)

Dates and Programme:

deadline for submission: 16th Jan 09
abstract selection: 1st Mar 09
Early registration closes: 21st Mar 09

For late registration, send this form to xprag@isc.cnrs.fr

Practical Information on Lyon
(including where to stay, eating out, things to do, public transport, etc.)

There are 2 conference sites:

23/04/09: Institut des Sciences Cognitives
67 boulevard Pinel, 69675 Bron

24-25/04/09: Institut des Sciences de l'homme
14, avenue Berthelot, 69007 Lyon

How to get to there

If you have any queries, contact us:
Ira Noveck       Coralie Chevallier

Invited speakers:

Gerry Altmann
Richard Breheny
Peter Hobson
Boaz Keysar
Walter Schaeken
Julie Sedivy
Michael Tomasello
Kai von Fintel

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