What is XPP?

We are the first operational hard x-ray instrument at the world's first hard x-ray free electron laser: the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). XPP stands for X-ray Pump Probe, one of the most popular class of experiments being carried at LCLS. Since we begin operation in 2010, we have been working with users and teams from all over the world on a great variety of fun experiments ranging from physics, chemistry, biology, material science, etc. To learn more about the recent excitement happening at XPP, be sure to look at the Publication section below.

General beamline information can be found at the LCLS website. This website is built and maintained by the research staff of the instrument for documentation and training purposes. We also hope the contents can be useful in getting our new users prepared for their upcoming excitement at XPP.

Useful Links

A useful beam schedule distribution portal: http://sites.google.com/site/lclsgateway

Near Experimental Hall, Hutch 3 » complete instrument map

Beamline References on Methods and Instrumentations

Selected Publications

Still being updated ... don't get mad if you don't see your paper 'selected' ... for a more complete list, go to the official LCLS publication webpage here.