07. April 2006

It has been a long, cold, dark winter, so not much work has been done. Now we have warmer weather and longer evenings with daylight savings time, plus I have been laid off from work, so I expect a new surge of activity!

Dashboard face

I cut and fit a cardboard template, then traced it onto the mahogany doorskin. The top edge of the face has a stringer nailed along it to accept the upper surface of the dashboard.

Seatbelt paths

I had to improvise distant tether points for the belts in order to avoid cutting their length.

Flip-up seat

The passenger seat flips up and secures to the seat back in order to create multi-purpose floor space for items like groceries or a dog bed.

Seat cushions

These luxurious Coleman camp beds make perfect seat cushions, and allow me to keep the human weight lower than I could have done with ready-made seats.

April 2007  

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