13. Building the Body - 2

July 2, 2008

After sanding the extra resin coats that filled the weave of the glass cloth to 120 grit, I marked the edges of all the panels and hatch openings with a marker. Then I began cutting with a sabre saw, and was excited to see the transformation from boat to car. 

I was too excited to stop and think about how the front bonnet will swing in a radius from the pivot point near the front, so I made the mistake of cutting the back edge in a straight line, which will cause the bottom edge to bind as it moves upwards.

Here's the front bonnet, with the first wheel-well cuts. I am planning to enlarge them when the car is fully sprung and I can tell where the top of the tire will be.

The door panels are stacked and waiting for an interior layer of glass and epoxy. Then I can cut out the window opening. 

The front bonnet and rear deck lay inverted on the cradle, ready to sand the interior surfaces. 

The side panel ready for sanding and an interior layer of glass and epoxy.

The body panels have all their interior surfaces glassed, and I'm running out of places to put them. 

August 12, 2008

Cutting the wheel well opening larger, in closer approximation each time, using the flexible curve to mark the line. The tire is as high as it can go, because the air shocks are empty, so when the bonnet rests in its final position and still clears the tire I've cut out enough. 

A wider view showing the relation of the wheel well to the front of the vehicle. The steering is cranked all the way to the left. 

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