Debts of gratitude

I did not build this vehicle in isolation, I had help, lots of it, without which I would have floundered and sank. My grateful thanks go out to:

Valerie Hazen, my tolerant and supportive wife

Mark Murphy, Blue Sky Design, designer of the Gizmo, always willing to kibitz

Jeff Homolka, Pro Cycle, frame-builder for the Gizmo, for suggestions and advice

Dave Morgan, Cyclepsycho, for motorcycle parts knowledge

Pat Blair, talented welder, Thompson Motorsports

Pat and Mike at Brooks Auto Parts, helpful & informative staff

Bob Batson, engineer and systems designer, EV America

Anne Starke, inspiring co-worker

Alice Pueschner, financial generosity

Aaron Ronning, electrician extraordinaire

Dan at Mac's Batteries, for sharing his crimping tool

Ben Gouse, VW specialist

Larry Beattie, machinist at Wheeler Electric

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