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Sign up Process

To begin, go to and click on "Try It" to sign up for a trial. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted for your email address and password, or choose "No, I'm a new customer" if you do not currently have an Intuit log in.

Choose the appropriate Business Profile if you have already signed up for another AppCenter application, or, you can choose to add a subscription for a different business.


The next screen will automatically choose the default plan of a free 30 day trial. At the end of the plan, the user will be prompted to choose another plan.
Click Accept and Subscribe.

You are now into XpandedReports. The first step is to choose which data you would like to use. Selecting "Use Your QB Data" will allow you to run reports based on your companies data file. If you choose to use "Your Own Live Company Data" you cannot go back to using "Sample Data".
If you choose " Use Our Sample Data" it will automatically launch XpandedReports so you can begin creating reports using data that has been provided for you. If you choose "Use Our Sample Data" your memorized reports will still be accessible via "Your Reports" when you choose to switch to live QuickBooks data. This screen will re-appear each time you log into XpandedReports so you can switch to live data at any time.

To access your own data, follow the instructions for the Sync Set Up.