First Report

To get started with XpandedReports we are going to do a simple sales by item report.
Once you have logged into XpandedReports 5, click on Reports > Sales > Sales by Item
At this point you will have the "Modify Report" pop up automatically displayed. This is where you can make changes to the columns of data that will appear on the report (i.e. Display Tab) as well as filter the data that will be included on the report (Filters Tab). On the Display Tab, for purposes of this example, start to type "Item" in the search box under Columns to find the other fields that pertain to items. Feel free to try other searches for data you would like to see on the report.
Click on the Filters Tab and you can see how this works. Depending on the type of data, there may be filter criteria such as ends with or contains; or there might be equal to (==), not equal to (!=), etc.
Click on OK to generate the report. You will see three tabs will be automatically created for the detail, summary and raw data formats for the report. You can change the labels on these tabs by double clicking on the name.
From here, right click on the column heading names to group, un-group, change subtotals, etc.
You can also insert a formula for the report by clicking on that button.
See also help topics as part of this documentation to work through additional features of XpandedReports and/or contact us at 1-800-280-3868.