When filtering reports, there are several features of XpandedReports which will be explained here.

Display Tab

When a modifying a report, there are several pieces of data which have a check mark next to the name. These indicate that the field will be included on the report as a column of data.

What is included on the report

The Display Tab control the data that will be extracted from QuickBooks for the specific report. The volume of data can be reduced by using the Filters Tab.
Here is an example of what is included on the Display tab:

Filtering for Text-type Data

XpandedReports has additional choices to designate where the data is in the text field, or what is to be excluded from the data on the report. In addition, XpandedReports 6.0 now includes AND/OR filters as well as wild card characters.

Filtering for Numeric Data

XpandedReports has more choices, including the ability to filter the report based on a range of values.

Excluding zero amounts

Typically the best way is to filter for the column of data as not equal to zero.