This page pretend to unify all my own information in the web: professional, politics and leisure. Come on:

Professional activity

I am associate professor  of Computer Science, in the Upper School of Computing Engineerin of the  Vigo University in Ourense. You can visit my personal academic web page. In this page I mantain information about my teaching and research activity. I belong to a  research group called MILE (bioMedical Informatics and signaL procEssing). I am also a union representative of  CIG in the Xunta  de PDI.

Regarding the research I work mainly in biomedical signals processing although, together with the rest of MILE group colleagues, we work in video analysis for automatic detection of human actions.

Recently I was appointed director of the CITI (Centre for research, transference and Innovation) of the Vigo University. This centre offers laboratories for research groups, very specialized  scientific equipment and of  support  to researchers of the Ourense campus.

Political militancy

If have to define me politically would say simply that I am nationalist and left wing, and because of that I was  for 10 years a militant of the BNG. At present I am Councillor in Taboadela, more precise "the nationalist councillor". Taboadela is governed by the PP with absolute majority  since the year 1972:  you can imagine the "democracy" that fullfill my council. IN 2012 I leaved BNG, like other people, and collaborate in the foundation of Compromixo por Galicia, betting on pragmatism and moderation. We remain nationalist and left wings, but with feet on the ground.

Other activities

Also I collaborate with some association of my council. Mainly the neighbours association called  "A Rabeda" and the association of rural women called "As Abelairas".

Updated the day 22/10/2015