Welcome to my new tutorial site.  I hope you fine tutorials easy to follow.  All tags are made using PSPX4, but any version will probably work.  All these were created by me and any similarities are purely coincidental.  Please do not pass these off as your own. 

I hope you have fun using my tuts.  And I would love to see your results.  You can email them to xoiyacreations@gmail.com.


All tutorials here were created and written by me and the copyright belongs to me.  All tubes used in my creations have their own copyrights and you will have to purchase them from their respected sites.   All elements I use come from kits that I have either purchased or got for free.  And they are not to be shared.  Groups/Forum Owners:  If you use my tutorials please direct them to my site.  You may print these for your own personal use.