Here is a small collection of works accomplished in my spare time.

Works on generic programming

A collection of remarks and ideas, which suggest improvements regarding the performance and the generality of some STL components.

Remarks for algorithmic improvements

  • Performance enhancement of the search_n STL algorithm [more...]
  • Performance issues of the find_first_of STL algorithm [more...]
  • single_pass_search: Generic sequence searching through single-pass iterators [more...]

Remarks for coding improvements

  • Significant coding inefficiencies in notable implementations of the search STL algorithm [more...]
  • Excessive object creation in the swap_ranges STL algorithm [more...]

Generic programming tools

  • Online Generic Data Ordering Wizard tool: Wizard Site

Miscellaneous Works

A very simple solution for partial bitmap encryption
An article which presents a simple and fast image encryption technique, which facilitates the secure use of external image files in common applications.

How to customize the context menus of a WebBrowser control via the IDocHostUIHandler interface
An article which presents techniques for customizing the context menus of the WebBrowser control, via the IDocHostUIHandler interface.

Arithmetic Game for kids
A Java game for kids, originally developed to help my own daughters to learn arithmetic.

SpeechPlugin for Notepad++
A simple plug-in for the Notepad++ source code editor, which adds text dictation capabilities to its host editor.